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Since 1982, IDF has ceased operating artillery fire upon urban areas, due to the army's strict rules safeguarding against civilian injuries. In August 1982, Sharon was stripped of most of his powers for ordering the shelling of Beirut.

The introduction of guided rocket artillery, giving the artillery corps a sizeable increase in rocket accuracy, will once again allow artillery to be safely operated upon urban areas. The Trajectory Correction System allows for the production of relatively affordable, autonomous, artillery rockets, which are nonetheless as precise (within their range) as a JDAM.

The staple munition of the new rocket artillery will be IMI's 160mm Accular. Accular has a range of 40-50km and CEP at this range is multiple times more accurate than standard M26 rockets that it will replace. For deeper targets, the same launchers will operate IMI's EXTRA 300mm rocket artillery. IMI's EXTRA has a range of 150km. At deeper ranges, IAI's LORA may be operated by the artillery.

ACCULAR is an autonomous, surface-to-surface GPS guided rocket based on IMI's LAR-160 artillery rocket. The missile has a range of 14-40 km, a diameter of 160 mm, a length of 3995 mm and a hit accuracy CEP of 10 meters. The missile's guidance and navigation is performed by a Flight Computer (FC), which includes a GPS. The IMI jet thruster kit controls the missile by establishing a trajectory correction for precise target engagement.

ACCULAR is the cost effective choice when high explosive and unitary warheads are required to precisely engage targets. ACCULAR has demonstrated excellent results in a series of test firings, performed at ranges of up to 30 km, with hits being scored within meters of the aiming point.

Range40 km
Hit Accuracy10 meters CEP
Warhead35 kg
Steering Kit80 pulsers
Number of Rockets/POD11

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