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7th Wing

The Israeli Air Force opened the 7th Wing a new Israeli Air Force wing for special forces, with inauguration of the 7th Wing taking place on July 12, 2020. The new wing is a collaboration between the Israeli Air Forces top special forces units and marks an unprecedented effort to engage in interactive operational efforts between the units. The units will conduct both emergency and routine activity together, with the goal of increasing the militarys overall effectiveness during crises. The wing will enable the Israeli Air Force to take advantage of its wide variety of resources and develop new innovative approaches to threats against Israel.

Due to the change and expansion of various threats, the new wing was formed to increase the operational effectiveness of the special forces units within it. The 7th Wing will function as a complementary and unique component of the Israeli Air Force, performing special depth, routine, and emergency operations. The timing of the wing's opening creates an opportunity to enable profound changes and to deal with various challenges in a constantly changing reality.

The 7th Wing incorporated various Air Force special ground units, including the commando Shaldag Unit, Unit 669, the Forward Landing Unit, a dedicated intelligence unit, and an assigned school for Special Air Force (SAF) combat troops. The troops that are currently serving in these units will integrate into new positions at the operational headquarters and at the Israeli Air Force's instruction headquarters upon the inauguration. Some sectors, such as the school for the SAF combat troops, will be inaugurated in 2022. The timing of the wing's opening creates an opportunity for profound change in the Israeli Air Force and to appropriately deal with various challenges in a constantly changing battlefield.

  • Unit 669: The Tactical Unit for Special Air Force Rescue. Its purpose is to carry out rescue, locating and evacuation operations, at sea and on land. The unit routinely deals primarily with covert operational activities and emergency rescue under fire from fighters and pilots.
  • Sheldag: The Air Force Special Operations Unit. It was established in 1974, after the Yom Kippur War, in order to provide the IDF with a ground-based independent commando and intelligence capability. In the mid-1980s, it became a special unit of the Air Force.
  • Front Landing Unit (JHC): Allows landing in the field for IAF aircraft. Its purpose is to inspect, approve and operate front airports, and ground landers for aircraft - in the country and across the border.
  • Dedicated Intelligence Unit : A new unit to be set up under the wing. Its purpose is to lead the complete intelligence response to the corps' special forces, in order to enable the unit's missions in operational activity and training, in routine, in Bambam and in emergencies.
  • Unified School: As part of the establishment of the Wing, the Unified School for the Training of Special Forces Fighters will open in 2022.
  • In addition, a CAM branch will be established in the Attack Department and a CAM training section in the combined training branch at the corps headquarters.

As part of the organizational change in the corps at the opening of the wing, the command subordination of Unit 669 passed from the Tel Nof base commander to the wing commander, and the front landing unit was to move from the Nabataean base commander to the wing commander. In addition, the dedicated intelligence unit will also be located in Palmachim, and the establishment of the school will allow the units to engage only in operational activities.

The 7th Wing was led by the new Commanding Officer of the Wing, Colonel O. His full identity cannot be disclosed for security reasons. Colonel O will report to the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, who announced the upcoming change by saying this: We are already in the era of regional change, a pandemic, and a battlefield that is becoming more complex every day. This change has been understood by the commanders. This is the change that requires us to adapt ourselves and to prepare better for the future challenges. After a long and detailed staff process, which underlies operational vision and at the end of the process - there is an enhanced capability that will make our special forces more effective during combat, more influential in terms of air superiority, and part of any process or scenario that takes place in the IAF. Today we move forward to a new chapter in the history of the IAF. We stand on the shoulders of our predecessors who dared and actedand now we are the ones leading".

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