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140 Squadron - The Golden Eagle

Israel established the 140 squadron in late 1969 to operate over 20 A-4E aircraft, the first Israeli squadron to do so. In 1972, the 140 squadron was also the first to receive the upgraded A-4N Skyhawk variant. Ten years later in 1982, it became the third squadron to begin operating F-16A and F-16B aircraft. Israel acquired numerous F-16A/B aircraft from the United States Air Force in 1995. As of 2005, the 140 squadron flew exclusively F-16A/B aircraft.

The first pair of "Adir" F-35I multirole stealth fighters was positioned in the first "Adir" Squadron, the "Golden Eagle" Squadron from Nevatim AFB. It was decided that the F-35 maintenance program will operate in a global format, meaning that global repair hubs will be established across the world to which malfunctioning aircraft and parts in need of repair will be sent. Nevertheless, the IAF decided that the "Adir" F-35I will not leave Israel for the purpose of maintenance.

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