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133 Squadron - The Knights of The Twin Tail

Israel established the 133 squadron to operate the F-15A in late 1976, receiving its first four in early December 1976. The first shipment of F-15A and F-15B aircraft was completed in 1978. Although the squadron flew missions over Lebanon in 1978, it saw its first action in June 1979 when Israeli pilots encountered Syrian MiGs over Lebanon.

In June 1981, several F-15A aircraft escorted some F-16s of the 117 squadron that carried out a strike against Iraq's Osirak nuclear development facility. Later in the year, Israel began adding F-15C and F-15D variants to the 133 squadron. The new F-15 variants were scheduled to be transferred to a separate squadron in 1982, but the commencement of hositilies against Syria in Lebanon postponed the transfer until after fighting had ended.

In 1988, many of the F-15A and F-15B reportedly underwent several radar and engine upgrades, but the 106 squadron remained the primary F-15 squadron. During the first Gulf War in 1990, the 133 squadron remained on full alert for several months and took part in continuous air patrols until February 1991. As of July 2005, the 133 squadron flew exclusively 15A/B/D aircraft.

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