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106 Squadron - The Edge of The Spear

The first aircraft to be part of the 106 squadron came from the Panamanian airline LAPSA, which served as a cover for Israel to receive ten C-46 aircraft and three L-049 aircraft from the US Air Force. The 106 squadron was officially formed on June 12, 1948. After running over 100 flights as part of Operation Balek to supply Israel from a base in Czechoslovakia, the 106 squadron was disbanded in June 1949

The 106 squadron was finally reformed on June 11, 1982 composed of F-15C and F-15D aircraft. With its F-15s, the 106 squadron registered five kills in the Lebanon War and conducted a bombing run on PLO headquarters in Tunis, which involved a round trip flight of over 2500 miles. The 106 squadron conducted a number of patrols during the Iraq War of 1991, and it received several additional F-15s from the US in May of 1992. As of July 2005, the 106 squadron flew F-15B/C/D aircraft.

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