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Aziz Salih Numan

Aziz Salih Numan [Aziz Saleh Numan] was a Ba'ath Party Regional Command member (responsible for the Southern Office); former Governor of occupied Kuwait, Basrah, Dhi Qar, An Najaf, and Karbala'. According to press reports, he ordered the destruction of Shi'a holy sites while Governor of Karbala' (1977-83) and An Najaf (1983-86). As Governor of occupied Kuwait in November 1990-February 1991, he continued the policy of "reintegrating Iraq's 19th province." A career Ba'ath functionary, he rose from low-key provincial positions thanks to his reputed cruelty, brutal efficiency, and loyalty.

In February 2002 it was reported that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had decided to allocate a total of 120 million Iraqi dinars (about 60,000 U.S. dollars) to the poor families in the Iraqi capital. Aziz Saleh Numan, member of Iraq's ruling Arab Baath Socialist Party, told the state-run Iraq TV that the move came ahead of the annual Greater Bairam, the most important festival in Arab countries.

He was captured by Coalition Forces on May 21, 2003 near Baghdad.

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