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Mount Lebanon Hotel Bombing, March 17, 2004

On March 17, 2004, at just after 8pm local time, a large car or truck bomb rocked central Baghdad, severely damaging the Mount Lebanon Hotel and at least 5 nearby buildings. At least 7 civilians were killed and 40 injured in the blast. The hotel was somewhat small, with less security than many of the larger hotels nearby. Many of the victims were Iraqi families who lived in the adjacent buildings, but other victims were foreigners, including two British citizens.

Imagery of the Lebanon Hotel, Baghdad
Click on the small image to view a larger version

Overview of central Baghdad showing teh area areound the Mount Lebanon Hotel bombing.(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)

Overview of Firdos Square and the Mount Lebanon Hotel.(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)

Overview of the area around the Mount Lebanon Hotel. (DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)

The Mount Lebanon hotel and surrounding block.(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)

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