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Leadership Targets, Bomb Damage Assessment
Operation Iraqi Freedom, Baghdad

Pre and Post Strike Imagery of Iraqi Leadership Targets, Baghdad
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During the first hours of the war, it was widely reported by several media organizations with news crews in Baghdad that the Republican Palace was under heavy bombardment from precision munitions. (DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)
The Republican Palace, November 2002 (DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002) Upon closer examination, the palace was left untouched. However, the barracks for the 5th Special Republic Guard Battalion was heavily damaged. (DigitalGlobe imagry as of 1 April 2003)
The Al Sijoud Palace was also reported damaged by media organizations.
(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)
The leadership villa, shown to the right in this image, was destroyed with precision munitions. The palace, however, was left untouched.
(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 1 April 2003)
A pre-war close-up of this leadership villa. Note the five satellite dishes on the roof.
(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)
Post-strike imagery shows extensive damage to the left side of the building. Due to precision weaponeering on the part of US targeteers, no apparent damage to neighboring buildings is visible.
(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 1 April 2003)
An overview of the "Project 2000" Iraqi leadership bunker. This hardened underground bunker was built after the above ground structure was complete to conceal the bunker construction.(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002) Modeled on Yugoslavian President Marshall Tito's underground bunker, this leadership facility was built during the Iran-Iraq war .(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 3 November 2002)
Post-strike imagery as of 27 March 2003. note the single hole in the left wing of the building and no apparent above ground blast or fragmentation. This indicates delayed fusing.(DigitalGlobe imagery as of 27 March 2003) Between March 27 and April 1, the facility was repeatedly hit with several highly visible above-ground strikes. The post-strike examination of the inside of the bunker by independent news media revealed no appreciable damage to the underground bunker, despite the repeated strikes. (DigitalGlobe imagery as of 1 April 2003)

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