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Al Kufah, Iraq

Imagery of Al Kufah
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TPC map of the cities of Najaf and Kufah (Source: NGA) Landsat imagery of Najaf and Kufah (Source: ESDI University of Maryland)
Overview of Kufah and the neighborhoods of Al Kindah, Al Hayliyah, and Al Jihad as of 24 August 2001(Source: Space Imaging Eurasia) Overview of the central part of Kufah. (Source: Space Imaging Eurasia)
The Baath Party District Headquarters complex in Kufah as of 24 August 2001. (Source: Space Imaging Eurasia) An unidentified former Iraqi government complex. (Source: Space Imaging Eurasia)
Overview of the Great Mosque of Kufah and ruins.(Source: Space Imaging Eurasia) Detail of the Great Mosque. (Source: Space Imaging Eurasia)
The Imam Sahlah Mosque in the northern part of Kufah. (Source: Space Imaging Eurasia)

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