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Abdul Tawab el-Mulla Howeish

Abdul Tawab [Tawwab] el-Mulla Howeish [Abd al-Tawab Mullah al-Huwaysh] was Deputy Prime Minister and Military Industrialization Minister. He was in charge of the Military Industrialization Commission. The Ministry of Industry and Military Industrialisation (MIMI) was the primary agency responsible for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs during the 1980s, and presumably it continued to have primary responsibility in this field.

Iraq Television reported on 4 May 2002 that Saddam Husseyn had chaired a meeting where he listened to briefings by "joint working teams" on unspecified scientific and technical questions. Iraqi TV broadcast the news in an unscheduled summary. Saddam was reported to have commended the efforts of the teams. He was quoted as saying: "My assessment of you is always 100 percent. My assessment of you as people, commanders, and fighters, is also 100 percent. Therefore we will defeat the enemy. This is our determination and confidence in our battle. Rely on God." The meeting was also attended by Saddam's second son, Qusay, described as member of the Iraq Command of the Arab Socialist Baath Party and supervisor of the Republican Guard. Others attending were: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Military Industrialization Abdul-Tawwab Huwaish, Defense Minister Staff-General Sultan Hashim Ahmad, Minister of Industry and Minerals Muyassar Raja Salah, and director of the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Fadil al-Janabi. The commander of the air force, the commander of air defense, the dean of the Military Engineering College, the vice chairman of the Military Industrialization Organization, and "a large number of fighters, researchers, and technicians in various specialities were also there.

President Saddam Hussein on Wednesday August 28, 2002 met Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Military Industrialization Abdul Tawwab Al-Mulla Howeish, Air Defence Commander Lieut. Gen. Mzahim Sa'b Al-Hasan and a group of Military Industrialization researchers. At the outset of the audience, the Military Industrialization Minister expressed "delectation" [a feeling of extreme gratification aroused by something good or desired] to meet President Saddam Hussein while Iraqis are going on their struggle to meet all needs of steadfastness and capabilities to face evil aggressors. He affirmed Iraqis' determination to thwart all enemies' plots and defend their country's independence, dignity and sovereignty.

He was declared to be in coalition custody on May 2, 2003. He was reportedly captured on May 1, 2003.

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