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Shahid Basir Industry

Shahid Basir Industry [or Shahid Bashir, or Shaheed Basheer] is an Iranian aviation manufacturing company established in 1987. Presently, this organization is a main center for production of over 5000 military and non military parts and accessories. They exchange information with universities, research centers, and private companies around the country, in order to produce more and better parts.

The fact of the existence of this enterprise is very poorly attested. Although the phrase "Shahid Basir" might be the Martyr Bashir, as many entities in Iran are named for famous martyrs, there does not appear to be such an individual.

The name of the enterprise derives from two of the One Hundred Most Beautiful Names of God.Muhammad is reported to have said in a famous Hadith: "Verily, there are ninety-nine names of God, one hundred minus one. He who enumerates [and believes in them and the one god behind] them would get into Paradise." (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 4, no. 1410) This hadith does not say that there are only 99 names, but 99 names that are better than the others. A Shahid or Shaheed is a martyr, a sufferer - one who suffers for the sake of principle, from the Arabic word meaning both witness and martyr. al-Basir is the Seer, or the All-Seeing.

Thus, the name of this enterprise might be rendered as "All-Seeing Witness."

Of the names of Allah, they are generally divided into two categories: his merciful names and his Wrathful names. A little common sense is all that is needed to determine which names are of what classification, for example; al-Darr (Damager) is obviously a Wrathful name, while al-Nafi (Provider) is obviously a merciful name. The practice of Dhikr is the gem of Sufi meditation and practice. There are two usual practices for the words of the actual Dhikr itself; the first is to recite "Huwa Allah alladhi la ilaha illa hu (There is no God but Allah)". The other and less common (though considered more powerful by some) is to recite the 100 names of Allah (There are 99 names of God + Allah).

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