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Developed draft attack helicopter Shahed-216 was seen at the 6th international exhibition of the aviation and space industry that took place in Tehran from November 25 to November 27 2015. The new attack helicopter of the Revolutionary Guard, called "Witness 216", is equipped with a 20mm gun, 70mm rockets, as well as the "Fire-and-Forget" missile 361. The new helicopter also has the ability to fly at night using night vision systems and is equipped with electronic warfare and infrared missile systems.

Helicopters are known as one of the most powerful tools in the battlefields and are featured in a variety of roles such as identification, anti-armored, anti-submarine, search and rescue operations and many other roles in the battlefields , according to the Department of Defense and the East . These birds entered the country in the country before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and helicopter missions were under the helicopter units of the army during the holy defense.

However, after the end of the imposed war and the completion of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, comprehensive and comprehensive plans for the design and construction of helicopters have begun in this series, which continues to this day with significant growth and a reliable and accounted road map. The Revolutionary Guards began the helicopter series from the mid-70s, and completed several models of the series in various roles, with the 278 helicopter being one of the successful models of the family.

The family witnessed the introduction of the invasion and martial arts operations with the arrival of the 285 species presented in three models. This type of helicopter, the Revolutionary Guards, is capable of detecting operations as well as attacking various surface-level targets, whether on the ground or on the surface of the water.

The machine guns, rockets, anti-armored guided anti-aircraft missiles, and Kosar missile anti-ship missiles are weapons that were seen on this model from a series of helicopters. The Revolutionary Guards go to the battlefields of the 21st Century with Shahed 216. Also, based on the images that were released in the newer models of the helicopter, changes have occurred within the cockpit of the helicopter series, and the old displays have been replaced by digital flat panel displays.

But, given the significant results and increasing the scientific and practical capabilities of Iranian defense specialists, the Revolutionary Guards, with experience gained in the design and production of the 285 family, have gone to heavier helicopter equipment.

The Shahed 216 is the strongest achievement of the IRGC's helicopter. During the Tehran Airspace Expo, which was held in November 2015 in one of the guards of the Revolutionary Guards, details of the new IRGC helicopter project, called "Witness 216", were included. According to the information provided, the plan has a 5-tonne semi-heavy offensive helicopter, powered by two 4,000-horsepower engines. The powertrain on the helicopter is also a two-stage planetary gearbox.

The helicopter can carry out missions such as armed detection, protecting helicopter helicopters, and the ability to carry out missions at night and with strict navigational conditions. The length of the helicopter is 72/18 meters, its width is one meter and its height is 2.4 meters. The helicopter's continuing airspace is about 2.5 hours running on two crew members.

The helicopter is made up of 4 composite blades and is made of aluminum and composite composites. The maximum speed of the helicopter is 270 km / h, its maximum range is 550 km and its maximum flight altitude is 6200 m above ground level. The helicopter's climb rate is about 6.6 m / s. The 216 also has the ability to fly at night using night vision systems and is equipped with electronic warfare and infrared missile systems.

No information or image has been published about the 361 missile, but the SARED-1 missiles observed in previous years have been laser-guided or an optical detector (visible vision or thermal imaging). The SADM missile mounted on a 250-gauge helicopter with a length of about 140 cm has a maximum range of 4,000 meters and a maximum flight time of 30 seconds, which uses a gunshot wound to crack the enemy's armor.

Other types of digital maps and global positioning systems are among the other features of the helicopter, which, based on the information provided, operates the helicopter communication systems on the WAV, WFP, UHF and HF waves. Regarding the 285 helicopter, one person uses the crew, the new IRGC helicopter can use more and more important roles in its operations, because in addition to increasing the caliber of the IRGC helicopters from 12.7mm on the 285, the 20-mm gun in the 216, the speed of the new helicopter and its flight ceiling, are also greatly enhanced.

Given the fact that helicopters enjoy a lot of terrain combat performance and heavily in the 8-year-old Cobra helicopter, the new Revolutionary Guard's achievement in the helicopter field, which is set to be in years The next officially operational, in addition to a strong and immediate confrontation with the threats of terrorist groups in the border areas of the country, can be turned into a suitable product to help enhance the combat power of the resistance fighters.

Number of crew 2 crew members
Max speedup to 270 km/hr
Length 18.72 m
Empty weight 5000 kg
Maximum weight 7470 kg
Max operational Radius 550 kms
Max. take off weight 7470 kg
Rotor diameter 15.24 meter
Service ceiling 6200 meters
Powerplant 2 Russian TV3VMA engines, 2000 shp each, 4000 total. (locally produced now, a part of Iran-140 airplane project based on An-140)
Body Aluminium alloy and polymer-based composite.

Shahed-216 Shahed-216 Shahed-216 Shahed-216 Shahed-216


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