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Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)

The Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO), has been designated as an agency of the Government of Iran. The U.S. Department of the Treasury on 03 August 2010 identified 21 entities in Iran's banking, insurance and investment, mining, and engineering industries determined to be owned or controlled by the Government of Iran. By identifying these entities – including banks, investment companies and technology firms – U.S. persons and others are better able to identify Iranian Government entities and protect themselves against the risks posed by such entities. The Iranian Transactions Regulations prohibit transactions between U.S. persons and the Government of Iran.

"As its isolation from the international financial and commercial systems increases, the Government of Iran will continue efforts to evade sanctions, including using government-owned entities around the world that are not easily identifiable as Iranian to facilitate transactions in support of their illicit activities," said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart Levey. "Today's identifications will mitigate the risk that such entities pose to legitimate transactions."

The Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran provides industrial development services in Iran. It engages in the promotion of local and foreign investments, restructuring the existing industries, development of general contracting activities, providing consultancy and support services to foreign investors, and privatization of the existing subsidiaries. The company also provides high technology industries development services, utilization and renovation services, industrial project development services, management development services, and industrial investment development services. Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran was founded in 1965 and is based in Tehran.

The importance of the sea and its role in the economy and the interests of the countries overlooking the sea is ndispensable. Due to the presence of about 3,000 km of coastal strip, access to the sea in the north and south of the country and the free waters (Indian Ocean ), Plays an important role in moving goods from world markets to Central Asia. Considering the key role of marine industries in the industrialization and industrial development of commercial ports, the Iranian Industrial Development and Renovation Organization, as the main engineer and engineer of the country's industry, with the possession of the shares of Iran's offshore shipping and offshore complex, has been able to implement supportive policies and Proper monitoring will have a significant and effective role in promoting the status and growth of the shipbuilding industry in the country.

Iranian Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex Co. (ISOICO)

As the largest company active in the Iranian shipbuilding industry, ISOICO has unique capabilities and facilities such as floating dock, ship launching into the water and retrieving by up to a capacity of 28 thousand tons, floating dock, lifting system (syncrolift), crane-equipped parking areas, multiple docks, full production and floating overhaul in highly-equipped halls for ocean liners.

There are a number of ISOICO’s achievements during its activity such as executing major national projects including construction of several ocean liners in accordance with international standards for the first time in Iran, constructing dozens of steel, aluminium and alloy floating vessels, passenger liners, commercial vessels and coast guard.

Azim Gostaresh Hormouz Shipbuilding Industries (AGH)

With regard to Iran’s position as one of the largest producers of oil and gas, its shipbuilding and floating overhaul capabilities as well as the increasing global demand for energy (gas and oil), AGH has put on the agenda the development of transport fleet for the vessels through establishment of a factory where giant ships are constructed and overhauled. As one of the ISOICO’s subsidiary companies,AGH was established in 2007 in order to supply the upcoming demands of the shipbuilding industry. By constructing several drydock pools for floating overhaul (14.5x80x375 m), and vessel renovation and construction pool (14.5x80x475 m), AGH has expanded the capacity of building and overhauling of giant ships through highly-skilled local professionals: Construction and overhaul of large oil and gas tankers including VLCC tankers with a capacity of 300 thousand tons

  • Constructing and overhauling a wide variety of LNG carriers with a capacity of 140 thousand cubic meters
  • Constructing and overhauling a wide variety of container-carrying ships with a capacity of 3500 TEU in Panamax size
  • Constructing and overhauling a wide variety of Panamax-sized bulk carriers

Another activity of IDRO in the Iranian marine industries involves the construction of offshore drilling platforms with the following objectives:

  • Localizing the design and construction of offshore drilling rigs
  • Promoting the domestic manufacturers toward world-quality standards
  • Transfer of technical knowledge into Iran
  • Attaining a capability to provide technical and engineering services in the field of marine drilling rig through all the capacities in domestic manufacturers of raw materials, equipment and shipyards with the participation of international companies.

Arvandan Shipbuilding Company (ASC)

Arvandan Shipbuilding Company (ASC) is a subsidiary of Industrial Development & Renovation Organization (IDRO) of Iran that started its activities for manufacturing aluminium vessels in cooperation with U.S. Peterson Co. in 1973. After the Islamic Revolution, Arvandan manufactured close to 100 various steel and aluminium vessels and this has brought the company a widespread reputation, particularly in the Persian Gulf. ASC was active in repair and maintenance of aluminium and steel vessels, manufacture of passenger and cargo vessels and even high-speed vessels for coast guards, design, construction, installation and repair of offshore structures such as oil platforms, and providing marine equipments and materials. There are only seven companies worldwide capable of manufacturing aluminium vessels and Arvandan was one of them. Arvandan was capable of producing six aluminium vessels per year with varying lengths of 10 m to 50 m. As for steel vessels, the company was capable of manufacturing three vessels on an annual basis. The company's website was online for a few years from 2003, but was taken offline in early 2007 - the yard had been building InCat 46 m catamarans for Valfajre 8 Ship Co. during this period.

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