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Bakhtaran / Vakhtaran (Hendijan, MIG-S-4700)
AG - General Purpose Auxiliary

By 2014 the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) had been seen to be upgrading the weapon systems on many of its naval assets, including the fitting of powerful new anti ship missiles to a number of patrol boats. At least six vessels, including the Hendijan class tenders Sirik and Kalat, the Kayvan class patrol boats Tiran and Mahan and the Parvin class boats Parvin and Bahram, had been fitted with launchers for either, Nasr, Noor and Qader anti ship missiles.

Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini, the IRIN's head of technical affairs, suggested in December 2014 this was part of a wider programme. Fars News Agency quoted him as saying that 10 vessels had been or were being armed with Nasr, Noor or Qader anti-ship missiles. The Nasr is the Iranian version of the short-range, solid-fuel Chinese C-704 missile; the Noor is the Iranian version of the turbojet-powered C-802; the Qader is an extended-range version of the Noor.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) appeared to be replicating the capabilities of the naval wing of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) by arming more of its small vessels with anti-ship missiles. This could indicate that the IRIN is receiving more resources so it can turn existing vessels into more capable attack platforms, it also seemed to be suffering delays in its frigate and fast attack craft (FAC) construction programs.

The up-armed IRIN patrol boats were displayed to the Iranian media during a ceremony held at Bandar Abbas on 1 December. The photographs of the event showed six vessels with canisters for launching anti-ship missiles: the Hendijan-class tenders Sirik (1402) and Kalat (1407), the Kayvan-class patrol boats Tiran (202) and Mahan (204), and the Parvin-class patrol boats Parvin (211) and Bahram (212).

Ship List
# Name Yard Laid
Launch Comm Decomm Notes
# Bakhtaran 1985
# Khoramshahr 1985
1407 Kalat 1987
1409 Hendijan 1987
# Konarak 1988
# Ganaveh 1988
1402 Sirik 1989
# Gavatar 1990
# Bahregan 1991
# Hogan 1992
# Nayband 1992
# Rostami 1995
# Geno 200?
# Moqam / Maqam ?? 200?
Most sources report 12 units of this class, or at least 11. Only three pennant numbers are reported, and they are not in chronological sequence. A dozen units seem well attested, but at least two more names are reported, so something is amiss somewhere.

MIG-S-4700-SC Bakhtaran [Hendijan Class]
Type AG - General Purpose Auxiliary
Operator Navy
Commissioned 1985 - 2015, SSM Upgrade
Max Speed 25 kt
Crew 15
Length 50.8 m
Beam 10.2 m
Draft 2.7 m
Displacement Full 650 t
Propulsion 2x MWM TBD 604-V12 Diesels
Sensors / EW Decca - (Generic) Radar, Surface Search & Navigation Max Range: 37 km
  • 20mm/80 Oerlikon Burst [20 rnds] - Gun Air Max: 1.5 km. Surface Max: 1.9 km. Land Max: 1.9 km.
  • C-704 - (2003, FL-10, Iranian Nasr 1) Guided Weapon Surface Max: 37 km.
  • Hendijan, MIG-S-4700 Hendijan, MIG-S-4700 Hendijan, MIG-S-4700 Hendijan, MIG-S-4700

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