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Maldives - Air Wing /
Aviation Security Command

The mandate of MNDFs Air Wing would be to protect and safeguard the Maldivian Airspace, to monitor the illegal and suspicious activities within Maldivian waters and to conduct search, rescue and surveillance operations. In addition, the Air Wing would be responsible in transferring patients to the health centres.

The newly established Aviation Security Command operations have been put under the Ministry of Defence and National Security. President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik announced the establishment of the Aviation Security Command on 01 January 2013 in order to formulate aviation security policies and procedures.

In April 2010 Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) received the helicopter pledged by the Indian government. The Dhruv helicopter manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) had been re-painted with Maldivian flag and a sign saying MNDF. In a joint statement issued after Indian Defence Minister AK Anthony's visit to Maldives in August, Maldives government and Indian High Commission said India would provide a helicopter and assistance to establish a 25-bed military hospital in Male.

In a special function held 22 April 2010 at Lonuziyaaraihkolhu, Minister of Defence and National Security Amin Faisal commissioned the helicopter. Speaking at the function, Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives DM Muley said assured that the Indian military would facilitate in conducting joint patrols and training MNDF officers. Defence Minister Amin Faisal thanked the Indian government for donating the helicopter and added that Indian army would be providing pilots and technical assistance in the operations of MNDF Air Wing.

Indian government has already provided us with many spare parts needed for the maintenance of the helicopter. Indian government will be managing 90 percent of the helicopters operating cost, he said.

Speaking to journalists, Minister Amin Faisal stressed that the Indian government would be managing the fuel cost and other maintenance costs. MNDF has decided to train Maldivian pilots and technical personnel with the assistance of Indian government and fully take over the operations of the helicopter within this year, he added.

In the future, this service would be used in taking Special Forces across the country to counter terrorist attacks in the area, he added. Upon arrival to the area, MNDF and officers of Indian Coastguard awarded a joint guard of honour to Minister Amin Faisal, followed by a joint display of Indian Sea King Helicopter by MNDF Special Forces and Indian Army.

In August 2011 a group of officers attached to the Air Wing of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) participated in the symposium and air exercise involving Pacific region air forces in Colombo. The 2011 Pacific Air Rally hosted by the Pacific Air Command of the US Air Force and co-hosted by the Sri Lanka Air Force held its events in the Ratmalana and Ampara Air Force bases from August 22-26. The Air Wing of the MNDF participated in the Command Post Exercise held at the Ratmalana Sri Lanka Air Force base.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Dr Mohamed Waheed attended the Commander-in-Chiefs Force and Fleet Review. The ceremony was held 21 April 2013 to mark the 121st anniversary of the Maldives National Defence Force. Upon arrival at the ceremony, Commander-in-Chief, President Dr Mohamed Waheed inspected a presidential salute, which was followed by a 7 gun salute and the National Anthem. During the review Commander-in-Chief, President Dr Mohamed Waheed also inspected the MNDF Fleet, a flypast of the MNDF Air Wing, and the route march of MNDF.

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