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Squadron 29

The Squadron Crest with its pincers ready to catch its prey and the deadly sting coiled up and ready to strike with lightening speed. The Sqn characterises the qualities of determination, strength and courage of all the members of 'The Sqn Clan'. The Squadron motto is 'Sadaiv Sachet' meaning 'Ever Alert'. This is indeed an apt sign considering the vigilant role of the Squadron.

No. 29 Squadron came into being on 10 March 1958 at Air Force Station Halwara. The Squadron was equipped with Toophani Aircraft.

During 1965 Indo-Pak operations the squadrton was flown. However, as the war confined mainly to the Western Sector, the squadron saw very little action.

In May 1967 the squadron was re-equipped with supersonic MiG-21 FL (T-77) aircraft.

During the 1971 Indo-Pak operations the squadron was entrusted with various roles in addition to Air Defence of Sirsa, Jodhpur and Uttarlai. The Aircrafts, true to their qualities of determination, strength and courage, performed all tasks entrusted to them admirably. During the last four days of war they shot down one Mig-19 and three F-104 aircraft of the Pakistan Air force. For this the squadron won four gallantry awards.

Converting to the MiG-27ML in October of 1996, the unit relocated to Jodhpur in September 1997.

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