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Squadron 27
"Flaming Arrows"

The Squadron crest is flying against a blue background. This crest was approved by the then President of India, his Excellency Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 23 February 1960. The crest is indicative of the qualities this squadron, as a strike force, possesses i.e. accuracy and lethal fire power. The Squadron motto is "DURAR SHARLAKSHYA". "DURARAKSHA" means the ability to defend deep, "SHARLAKSHYA", the accuracy and commitment as that of a true arrow.

The Squadron operated the Vampire aircraft from 1957 to September 1958.

The Squadron had its first taste of war when it was tasked to participate in Operation Vijay for liberation of Goa in December 1961.

During the 1965 Indo-Pak war, the Squadron was located at Halwara under HQ WAC, IAF. The Squadron carried out a number of Counter Air Missions over Pakistan. During the 1965 operations both Air Defence and Ground Attack missions were undertaken from Halwara. The Squadron personnel won two Vir Chakras and five Mention-in- Despatches. Two pilots and five aircraft were lost during this period. The Squadron flew reconnaissance, Opportunity and Close Air Support missions in the Gujranwala sector, in the Sialkot-Lahore-Ferozpur axis and in the Khemkaran Kasur Sector, contributing to a grave yard of 300 Patton tanks destroyed.

In April 1967, all existing Hunter 56 aircraft of the Squadron were replaced by Hunter 56A and Deep Penetration Strike became the primary role. In addition, the Squadron was tasked with the Fighter Reconnaissance role. It moved to Pathankot in July 1971 and operated from there during the 1971 war.

During the 1971 operations, close Air Support missions were undertaken in Poonch sector and Combat Air Patrol missions were carried out over Army concentration areas. On 7 December 1971 extensive Close Air Support mission were carried out in the Chhamb-Akhnoor sector. On 10 December 1971, Squadron Leader MK Jain was killed in action. He was later awarded the Vir Charkra posthumously. The Squadron carried out Counter Air Operations against Sakesar, Murid & Mianwali air fields. For their gallantry during the 1971 operations, Squadron personnel were awarded five Vir Chakras, one Vishisht Seva Medal and mention-in- Despatches.

In recognition of its exceptional service rendered to the nation both during war and peace the Squadron was awarded President Colour on 13 November 1996.

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