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Squadron 108

The Squadron's emblem was approved by the President on 5 April 1963. It portrays the burst of a belligerent Hawk mounted with a streak of lightning and a battle axe.

The Squadron's motto is 'Shodhan Aur Akraman' which means "Search and Strike". The Hawk with its keen eyesight depicts unerring search and acquisition of the target. The lightning and the battle axe denote immediate response and power of the strike.

The Hawkeye were formed on 20 November 1959 at Halwara. The squadron was equipped with the Vampire aircraft and was allotted the role of Army Cooperation and photo-recce.

It was continued to fly the vampire aircraft upto 1960 when it was re-equipped with the Russian SU-7 aircraft, thus becoming the first supersonic strike Squadron of the IAF. In 1973, the Squadron converted to the Russian MiG-21 MF, retaining the ground attack role and moving to Halwara.

During its long history the squadron has moved the length and breadth of the country and has distinguished itself in many spheres that include the war for liberation of Goa and Indo-Pak wars of 1965 & 1971.

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