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Special Forces

The Special Forces are specially selected troops who are trained, equipped and organised to operate in hostile territory, isolated from the main combat forces. They may operate independently or in conjunction with other forces at the operational level. They are versatile, have a deep reach and can make precision strikes at targets of critical importance. They are particularly valuable in the early stages of a campaign when they can create conditions for decisive operations.

Allocation of tasks to Special Forces should be handled at the appropriate level. Special Forces will have access to the maximum possible intelligence inputs relevant to the task and absolute security will be maintained at all times relating to their intended employment. The principle of 'direct control and mission command' should be exercised. Special Forces units will be tasked to develop 'area specialisation' in their intended operational theatres to achieve optimum effect.

Because of the nature and gravity of their tasks with inherent risks, Special Forces need to be equipped with the very best of equipment and armament. The process of identifying needs and the pace of acquiring equipment for the Special Forces should, accordingly, be different from the rest of the Army in order to ensure that they are always suitably equipped.

Security of plans, appropriate navigation aids and the support of air defence elements for aircrafts utilised to insert Special Forces into enemy territory should be ensured. Battlefield air strike and electronic support measures during landing will also form an important part of the conduct of operations.

Insertion, Extraction and Recovery. Special Forces will be trained for insertion by air, land, sea and inland waterways and detailed plans for extraction and recovery after accomplishment of missions are vital. Special Forces will be prepared and trained for exfiltration and extraction from the area of operations employing various means.

Missions that could be assigned to the Special Forces in Conventional War are strategic and tactical surveillance of vital targets, early warning of enemy activity in depth areas, denying strategic or operational assets and terminal targeting by precision munitions. In Low Intensity Conflicts these could be 'Seek and Destroy' missions including trans-border operations. During Peace, these would be hostage rescue, anti-terrorist operations and assistance to friendly foreign governments.

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