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Helicopter Unit 107
"Desert Eagles"

107 Helicopter Unit was presented the unit crest on 21 August 1982. This is the standard crest, which is common to all the helicopter units of the IAF. The unit number is depicted in Hindi on the upper portion of the crest and the Indian Air Force on lower half.

The Ashoka emblem on top of the crest indicates the national emblem of the Government of India. The slogan 'Satyamev Jayate' in Sanskrit means "Truth Triumphs always".

There are two roundals, which encloses the three rotor blades. The blue colour on the outer roundal indicates the sky and in turn the Air Force. The unit number is also depicted on the upper portion and the Indian Air Force on the lower portion, in Hindi language. The inner roundal, which depicts snow, covered mountains and sea indicates the varied terrain in which the helicopters operate. The sword, Red cross and the stars depicted on three blades indicate the offensive operations, mercy missions and special operations, respectively.

The unit was raised in January 1960 at Srinagar. It was initially established for S-62 and Bell 47 G-3 helicopters. In November 1961 when MI-4 helicopters were inducted into the IAF, this was the first unit received the present fleet of MI-8s on 1 February 1981.

The unit was deployed in Kashmir during the war with China, in 1962. Two officers of unit Sqn Ldr AS Williams and Flt Lt KL Narayanan were awarded Vir Chakras for their acts of bravery during these operations.

The unit undertook various operations during this period: Air Support; Air Supply; Causality Evacuation; and Communication Flight.

During Operations in 1965, the unit was deployed in Chhamb sector including one helicopter in the Runn of Kutch sector. The unit took part in bombing, strafing, causality evacuation, communication recce, counter insurgency and troop indication.

In 1966 the unit took part in relief missions for the Govt. of Nepal when Nepal was affected by earthquake and famine. The unit also took an active part in the flood relief operations in West Bengal in October 1968 and September 1970.

The unit was actively involved during the 1971 operations. The following roles were undertaken during this operation: Communication; Ground Recce; Maritime Recce; and Casuality Evacuations.

December 1971 was a memorable month for the unit. As the army advanced, vital supplies like arms & ammunitions, food, water and fuel were delivered and a large number of causalities were evacuated. Between 3 December 1971 and 17 December 1971, the unit evacuated more than 100 casualties and airlifted more than 250 passengers. It also airlifted 19000 Kgs of load to forward areas amidst fierce fighting. On 11 December 1971, a helicopter of the unit was on a food-dropping mission deep inside Pakistan near the Madras Regiment troops when a pair of F-86 Sabres flying directly above it soon turned to attack. The enemy fighters kept firing barely missing the helicopter. Soon two Mig-19s joined the attack. The pilot decided to land and as soon as the helicopter landed, a bomb fell just missing the rotor disc. The pilots later took off and landed at Uttarlai.

In May 1972, the unit conducted searches for a vessel with 22 ONGC personnel on board. The helicopter having located the vessel dropped vital medicines, water and food. In the same year the unit took part in flood relief operations in Rajesthan.

Extensive flood relief operations were carried out in Rajesthan, Gujrat and in Maharastra between 1982 and 1990. In April 1985, sand stabilisation and NVG trials were conducted.

During Op Pawan, the unit joined operations at Jaffna in July 1987 and remained actively involved until March 1989. Two officers were awarded Vr C & VM, three airmen were awarded commendation by CAS and AOC-in-C and one NC (E) was awarded AOC-in-C commendation during these operations.

The unit participated in various exercises and flood relief operations between 1991 and 1992. The unit also bagged the 'Best Helicopter and Transport Squadron' trophy of SWAC, IAF for the years 1992, 1996 and 1997.

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