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16 Infantry Division / Sudarshan Chakra Division

16 Infantry Division, the Sudarshan Chakra Division, is headquarterd in Rajasthan's Sri Ganganagar. The distinctive insignia of the Division is the Sudarshan Chakra with sixteen points.

The Chakra is the weapon of Lord Vishnu, a very sharp and fiery disc. With this He chases away the demons. The Sudarshan Chakra is a weapon / armament of Lord Krishna [and also the insignia of XXI Corps]. The word sudarshan chakra is derived from two words, 'su' and 'darshan'. It means the vision (darshan) of which is auspicious (su). The word chakra is derived from 'chruhu', which means movement and 'kruhu', which means to do. Thus, chakra means that which is mobile. Of all divine weapons, this is the only one which is constantly in motion. It is said that the discus has six spokes and its center is composed of vajra (an unbreakable material). A novel description of the discus has been made in the Vaman Puran (82.23-26). Mr. Vasudevsharan Agraval expresses it as: 'The discus has been described as the discus of time (kalachakra). It consists of twelve spokes (Dvadashar, Rugveda 1.164.11) and six navels. The twelve spokes represent the twelve months of the Hindu lunar calendar and also the twelve deities (Vij, Agni, Som, Mitra, Varun, Indra, Indragni, Vayu, Vishvadev, Prajapati, Dhanvantari, etc.). The six navels represent the six seasons.'

A polyclinic with modern amenities and latest equipment was inaugurated by Maj Gen RN Suryavanshee, GOC, Sudarshan Chakra Division at Sri Ganganagar Cantt in late 2002. The polyclinic is established to provide comprehensive health care to officers, JCOs, ORs and their families by integrating the facilities of gynaecologist, medical specialist, surgical specialist and dental surgeon. The families in the cantonment have been provided with polyclinic family- health card containing all information about investigations carried out and treatment given to the person for follow-up. Speaking on the occasion, Maj Gen Suryavanshee said that efforts would be made to computerise the whole system so that the medical history of each patient was available on computer for further reference. The inaugural function was attended by a large number of personnel officers.

The Asafwala War Memorial is a tribute by the residents of Fazilka to the martyrs of 1971 Indo-Pak war. After declaration of the cease fire on December 17, 1971 the bodies of martyrs were collected from the battle-field and a mass cremation was solemnized on half an acre of land, donated by the late Mr Ram Rakha Thakral, where the monument now stands. Initially, it commemorated the war heroes of 4th Battalion of Jat Regiment only. Later in 1991, memorials of the 15th Battalion of Rajput Regiment and 3rd Battalion of Assam Regiment were added alongside. Every year, on Vijay Diwas a ceremony is organised at Asafwala War Memorial. In 2007 the chief guest was Maj Gen BS Daulta [Brijinder Singh Daulta], GOC 16 Infantry Division and was attended by other dignitaries including Brig RK Bhutani, Commander 67 Infantry Brigade, Lt Col (Retd) TL Ghai, who was also GSO 3 of 67 Infantry Brigade during the 1971 war, and Dr Rattan Lal Thakral, President Shaheedon Ki Samadh.

At present the population of Ganganagar is more than 3 lakh and there are two cantonment of Army in this district and an Air Force Station at Suratgarh. Shri Ganganagar is an important district of the country in regard to agriculture products and there is only one train 'Ganganagar Express' as the main means of transport between Ganganagar and Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. This train is always over-crowded because there is no other means of transportation. Therefore, tourist buses have dominated this route as a result of which there is loss of revenue and the passengers have to pay more fare.

This is an important district of the State from the point of view of irrigation facilities. There is network of canals and there are five circles. As it is leading is agricultural products, there is lot of commercial and trade activities and many people visit that district. From the point of view of security, agriculture and business, Ganganagar is not only an import city of the State but also of the country. There is facility of only one train service from district head quarter Ganganagar to the capital of the State, jaipur, therefore the passengers have to face a lot of inconvenience.

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