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Z 42/142/242 trainer

Production began in 1970 of the Z 42/142/242 and Z 43/143 families. The training, sport and acrobatic plane Z-42 started to fly in 1967 and 193 pcs were produced. Moravan wanted to keep in step with world trends and modified the Z-42 to the new version Z-142 in 1978. 400 pcs of this plane were produced together with the next modification, the Z-142C + CAF. The last two-seat trainer is the and it is the basic type in present production. Containing the Textron Lycoming engine and certificated in 14 countries including the USA and Canada, it was the Z-242L which opened the North American market to this plane.

The two seat Z 242L is a training and fully acrobatic aircraft intended for basic and advanced training in civil or military air schools, for glider and banner towing, for night and IFR flight training and above all for acrobatic flying and acrobatic training. The Z 242L is suitable for performing acrobatic maneuvers +6 / -3,5 g and a connection of its flight characteristics with price accessibility are moving it ahead of other training aircraft. Due to its maneuverability, the Z 242L is an attractive aircraft for aviation enthusiasts.

The aircraft has Type Certificates in many countries all over the world, including the EASA Type Certificate valid for all countries of European Union, the FAA Type Certificate valid for the USA and the Transport Canada Type Certificate valid for the Canada. ZLIN aircraft production is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


  • Very rugged all-metal construction, nitrogen-pressurized main centre-wing spar and emergency canopy release increases your safety.
  • Aircraft metallic structure is more resistant to ambient influences as high temperature, humidity and against an impact of small objects.
  • Low-wing concept assures unlimited view from the cockpit and is an advantage not only for seeing the surrounding countryside but above all for landing, taxiing and emergency canopy release. Outstanding view from the cockpit provides perfect survey of all activities around the aircraft which is especially important during taxiing and take-off.
  • The landing gear is able to absorb abnormal loads occurring during taxiing and take-off and landing training even on unsurfaced runways.
  • Small wing span increases aircraft maneuverability during moving on the ground.
  • Powerful injection Lycoming engine together with constant-speed propeller, excellent aircraft flight characteristics and accurate and sensitive control provides performing all training and acrobatic maneuvers and is an advantage for solving unexpected events especially during training new pilots.
  • Engine operational time at maximum RPM is unlimited.
  • Aircraft control is accurate and easy.
  • Great undercarriage clearance provides better protection of lower aircraft part against an impact of small objects when landing on unsurfaced runway. Design of rear aircraft part is suitable for landing training.
  • Great variety of paint schemes on request.
  • Communication and navigation equipment VFR DAY, VFR NIGHT OR IFR according to actual requirements of the customers and required kind of operation and training.
  • Towing gear for glider and banner towing.
  • Concorde RG battery
Installation of the AMU1 Acceleration Monitoring Unit increases aircraft safety and may enable increasing safe life time of the aircraft up to 18000 flight hours depending on actual kind of aircraft operation.

Empty weight (* with Hartzell propeller) 745 kg/ *755kg 1642 lbs/
*1664 lbs
745 kg/ *755kg 1642 lbs/
*1664 lbs
745 kg/ *755kg 1642 lbs/
*1664 lbs
Max. take-off weight 970 kg 2140 lbs 1020 kg 2250 lbs 1090 kg 2400 lbs
Load factor (g) +6 / -3,5 +5 / -3 +3,8 / -1,5
Take-off distance (ground roll) 210 m 689 ft 233 m 764 ft 266 m 873 ft
Take-off distance (over 50 ft obstacle) 450 m 1476 ft 495 m 1624 ft 565 m 1854 ft
Max. rate of climb (sea level) 5,5 m/s 1080 ft/min 5,0 m/s 980 ft/min 4,25 m/s 850 ft/min
Max. speed (sea level) 236 km/h 127 knots 233 km/h 126 knots 231 km/h 125 knots
Cruising speed (2450 RPM, 6560 ft) 227 km/h 122 knots 225 km/h 121 knots 223 km/h 120 knots
Main tanks capacity 260 litres 2 16 gals 2x60 litres 216 gals 2x60 litres 216 gals
Auxiliary tanks capacity         2 55 litres 2 14,5 gals
Range (2350 RPM, 6560 ft, max. fuel capacity) 495 km 267 NM 495 km 267 NM 1056 km 570 NM

Basic dimensions
Wing span9,34 m30,64 ft
Length6,94 m22,77 ft
Height2,95 m9,68 ft
Propeller (constant speed)
ManufacturerMT Propeller, Germany
TypeMTV-9-B-C/C-188-18a (3-blade)
ManufacturerTEXTRON Lycoming, USA
Max. power (2700 RPM)200 HP
Max. cruising power (2450 RPM)150 HP
Economy cruising power (2350 RPM)130 HP

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