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WARAN is a deeply modernized American M113. It combines the highest reliability, versatility, along with noticeable efficiency. Providing a complete defense, the machine is capable of carrying various heavy fully furnished units or one fully equipped infantry squad. Due to the subsequent subsystems WARAN at any time of can be adapted to changing requirements.

The company Flensburger Fahrzeugbau was based in 1872, is located in the north of Germany, in the area of the former GDR. At the time, its terrain existed tank repair plant People's Army of the GDR. At present, the company has been producing products sverhtehnologichny civilian and military purpose. Among other noteworthy developments was the BMP dragon (Waran), already purchased by Denmark and Australia.

WARAN equip a highly productive engine Euro III, providing the highest mobility on roads and rugged terrain. Dimensions and weight WARAN aviatransportabelnost provide its existing and promising transport aircraft such as the C160, C130, An-124 and A400M.

Well-established concept provides for enhanced protection best level of safety for the crew of mines and ballistic threats of improvised explosive devices. APC installed on suspended ballistic protection, which can be replaced in the field criteria. It provides effective protection against small guns, light anti-tank systems, artillery fragments and the side effects of explosions. The seats for the driver, commander and crew, as well as the entire interior have been designed in accordance with the latest developments in the field of mine-protection technology.

Provide additional protection for the crew extinguishing system impact blast, automatic sprinkler system, the system of collective security, coupled with the air conditioning system. According to the manufacturer, "WARAN", with its features, guarantees the protection of fighter in the process they perform missions. Different sets of equipment make WARAN versatile vehicle. It can be used as a command post, armored ambulance or armed platforms, such as mortar. WARAN can be equipped wide range of weapons.

Total weight, in tons 18 (maximum 22)
desired load, tons 6.2 (depending on the security level to 8.2)
Length, m 5.79
Width, m 2.69
Height, m 2.82
Ground clearance, m 0.41
design m3 12.5
Climatic zones A1-C2 (-46 C to +49 C)
highest speed, km / h 65
range, km 520
Chassis Type extended enclosure M113
Drive 6 wheels
Track DIEHL 409
EngineType MTU-6V 199 TE 20 EURO III
Power 260 kW
Transmission Type automatic ZF-LSG 1000
Brake system Type Hydraulic in accordance with the standard of EEC Directive 71/320
mine protection Level of protection basic protection against explosive devices and anti-personnel mines in accordance with STANAG 4569
Ballistic Protection Protection modules Composite Earthenware from the front, rear, sides and roof Level of protection In accordance with STANAG 4569

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