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RAF Equipment - 1956

Aircraft and Engines in RAF Service as of 1956
Aircraft Aircraft Manufacturer Engine Engine Manufacturer
Anson A. V. Roe Cheetah Armstrong Siddeley
Auster Auster Aircraft Co. Gipsy Major or Bombardier De Havilland or Blackburn
Balliol Boulton and Paul Merlin Rolls Royce
Beaufighters Bristol Aeroplane Co. Hercules Bristol
Brigand Bristol Aeroplane Co. Centaurus Bristol
Buckmaster Bristol Aeroplane Co. Centaurus Bristol
Canberra English Electric Avon Rolls Royce
Chipmunk De Havilland Gipsy Major De Havilland
Dakota Douglas … Twin Wasp Pratt and Whitney
Devon De Havilland Gipsy Queen De Havilland
Dragonfly Westland Leon ides Alvis
Harvard Nooduyn Wasp Pratt and Whitney
Hastings Handley Page Hercules Bristol
Heron De Havilland Gipsy Queen De Havilland
Hunter Hawkers and Armstrong Whitworths Avon or Sapphire Rolls Royce, Armstrong Siddeley
Javelin Gloster Sapphire Armstrong Siddeley
Lancaster A. V. Roe Merlin Rolls Royce
Lincoln A. V. Roe Merlin Rolls Royce
Marathon Handley Page Gipsy Queen De Havilland
Meteor Gloster Derwent Rolls Royce
Mosquito De Havilland Merlin Rolls Royce
Neptune Lockheed Wright Wright
Pembroke Percival … Leonides Alvis
Pioneer Scottish Aviation Leonides Alvis
Prentice Percival … Gipsy Queen De Havilland
Provost Percival … Leonides Alvis
Provost (Jet) Percival Viper Armstrong Siddeley
Sabre North American J.47 G.E.C. (U.S.)
Shackleton A. V. Roe Griffon Rolls Royce
Spitfire Vickers Armstrong Griffon Rolls Royce
Sunderland Short Bros. Twin Wasp Pratt and Whitney
Swift (F.R.) Vickers (Supermarine) Avon Rolls Royce
Sycamore Bristol Leonides Alvis
Valiant Vickers Armstrong Avon Rolls Royce
Valetta Vickers Armstrong Hercules Bristol
Vampire De Havilland Goblin De Havilland
Varsity Vickers Armstrong Hercules Bristol
Venom De Havilland Ghost De Havilland
Viking Vickers Armstrong Hercules Bristol
Whirlwind Westland Wasp Pratt and Whitney
York A. V. Roe Merlin Rolls Royce

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