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Research vessel "Planet" class (751)

The FS "Planet" is the most modern research ship of NATO, which impresses with innovative technology. It was built in the so-called small-waterplane-Area Twin-Hull design (SWATH construction method). The special feature is that the buoyancy is substantially provided by the completely submerged floating bodies.

The term "swath" is an acronym for Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull. Conceptually, these types of vessels date back to the last century and are characterized generally as comprising two submerged parallel propulsion torpedo-like pontoons, each of which is provided with one or more vertical struts which project upwardly a substantial distance above the water line and which at their upper ends support the entire superstructure of the vessel. In general, the combined buoyancy of the two (or more) propulsion pontoons is sufficient to support the superstructure of the vessel a predetermined distance (e.g., 5-8 feet) above water level while the boat is at rest as well as when it is under way in relatively calm waters. It is well known to provide swath vessels with underwater horizontal stabilizers or canards to assist in maintaining stability of the boat in terms of pitch, roll or yaw while moving at medium to higher speeds either calm water or rough waters.

The above water superstructure of a swath may be designed and outfitted to function in all substantial respects as a conventional mono-hull boat or ship, either primarily as a cargo or passenger carrying vessel. During more recent years, a number of passenger carrying swath vessels ranging in length from around 60 feet to over 200 feet have been built and tested or operated as ocean or seagoing vessels with reasonable success.

By contrast, carry the slender bridges that connect both float and the ship's hull, with only a small degree of lift. This results in an exceptionally smooth movement behavior, which allows the execution of research and testing work in strong winds and rough seas.

The "Planet" is the Bundeswehr Technical Centre 71 (WTD 71) in Eckernförde with its Research Center for Underwater Sound and Geophysical (FWG) for sea trials available. Due to the very high demands on the own noise radiation, the research vessel, inter alia, for investigations of underwater acoustics and sensors is ideally suited.

Technical specifications
Dimensions (length / width / depth) 72 m / 27.20 m / 6,80 m
Full load displacement 3,850 t
Speed 15 kn
Propulsion plant
Generated electric power 2x 1,275 kW plus 2x 1,700 kW
Drive motors 2 shaft 2x 1,040 KW permanent magnet excited motors
Arming no
crew 20 men + 20 scientists

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