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Tender "Lahn" class (403)

The tender of the "Lahn" class served the operational use of submarines at sea supply. A class of 13 tenders was ordered in 1956 in order to support FAC (type 401), minesweepers (402) and submarines (403). These ships had the size and the shape of a frigate and could also serve as minelayers and ASW escorts, at least in the 1950s. They were heavily armed with guns, mostly for their own air defense. The minesweeper and submarine tenders differed from the FAC tenders in having diesel-electric propulsion, in order to be able to charge the batteries of submarines and the diesel-electric SM-Boats. The submarine tenders were also only lightly armed.

The Tenders of the Lahn class were simultaneously supply and guiding ships of the German navy. The supply fighting units at sea with everything required for operation was its main task. Through them longer times at sea were possible. The tender took over the supply of fuel, water and food, they also presented workshops, spare parts and tools ready, and for the soldiers on board an infirmary with OP. In addition, they offered additional accommodation for boat crews, as a training ship for cadets per 140 seats and Corporal students. The naming Lahn LECH made after German rivers and earlier war and auxiliary warships.

Since there were more tenders than squadrons to support, 3 of these ships were used in the cadet training role to supplement Schulschiff Deutschland. By 1980, 3 of the 401 type had been given to Turkey and Greece, while the others were all used as tenders. After 1991, the rapid aging, large crews and high maintenance costs prompted the replacement of this class. The ships have all been paid off and scrapped. This class was named after german rivers.

Displacement 2886 t / t in 2956
Length approximately 89 m
Width 11.83 m
Draft 5.2 m
speed 22.5 knots
Arming Four 40 mm - Flak in twin mountings Two water bomb expiry platforms Minenzuladung possible
crew Peace / war 114/168

name squadron Port of registry
A 55 "Lahn" 1st Submarine Squadron Kiel
A 56 "Lech" 3. Submarine Squadron Eckernförde

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