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Type 1945

German destroyers carried mostly five 5-inch guns, and many carried five 6-inch guns, usually found on larger 10,000 light cruisers. They fired 100 pound shells, to the 40 pound shells fired from the Brits’ 4.7s. The German ships, designed for raw speed in calm waters, were badly-fitted for seakeeping in terrible weather. The top-weight of the heavy guns made them roll terribly, to the point where even if they’d seen a target, they’d have had a hard time loading and firing their cannon at all, much less with accuracy. And the ships’ structures – structurally lighter to save weight and increase speed – weren’t up to the pounding.

By the end of the war most new destroyer classes (Gearing, Battle, Akitsuki, Type 1945, Medaglie d'oro) were well over 2000t and would be classed "super destroyers" by 1939 standards.

Despite the inability to actually build the ships, the Germans continued development which lead to the Type 1945. The Type 1945 destroyer was a development of the 1936D and E Types. The design was supposed to be 125.5 m [411 feet] long with a 12m beam, displacing 3,700 tons. In contrast to the Zerstörer Type 1944, the 1945 was powered by a high pressure steam engine delivering 80,000 shp and enabling speeds up to 39.8 knots. Armament was increased to 4x2x128mm DP guns. AA was further increased to 4x1x55mm and 6x2x30mm. The usual 2x4 torpedo tubes were to be installed.

Dispacement (Max) 3700 t
Length (Total) 125,50 m
Length (Waterline) 120,00 m
Beam 12,00 m
Draft 3,88 m
  • 12,8 cm L/45 C/41: 8
  • 5,5 cm L/76,5: 4
  • 3 cm L/66,6 M-44: 12
  • 53,3 cm Torpedo tubes: 8 (16 torpedoes)
  • Mines: 100
  • Depth Charge launcher
  • Engines
  • Shafts: 2
  • Turbines: 2
  • Type: Wagner turbines (Deschimag build)
  • Total Performance: 80000 shp
  • Speed 39,8 kn
    Range 3600 miles at 19 kn

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