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Type 148 Tiger Speedboat

The Type 148 Tiger class fast attack craft, the modification of the French La Combattante II design for the Bundesmarine (German Federal Navy). A missile boat is a small warship armed with anti-ship missiles. They are similar in idea to the torpedo boats of World War II; in fact, the first missile boats were modified torpedo boats replacing two or more torpedo tubes with missile tubes.

The first Type 148 missile boat «Tiger» was put into operation in October 1972. Main propulsion chetyrehvalnaya consists of four diesel engines 14400 hp The armament includes two twin launchers with anti-ship missiles MM 38 Exocet, 76-mm artillery Set, 40-mm gun mount.

By 1975 a total of 20 boats of this type were built. All were built by Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie, Cherbourg, France; eight hulls were contracted out to Lürssenwerft, but all were fitted out in France. Some 20 units formed the Flotilla of fast boats of the Navy German, that operated from naval bases adjacent to the Baltic Sea. Upon admission to the service in Germany, the boats were divided according to their capacities in two squadrons, assigning tasks of war of surface and an active participation in Guerra de Minas, always latent danger in these times of tension of the cold war, on stage separating the forces of NATO and its counterpart, the Warsaw Pact.

Tiger Luchs, Pelikan, Kranich transferred to Chile, 1998; Leopard and Jaguar retired 2000; Panther, Pinguin, and Reiher retired 2001; Alk, Dommel, Fuchs, Loewe, and Weihe were transferred to Egypt in 2002.

Dimensions (length / width / depth) 47.0 m / 7.0 m / 2.7 m
Displacement 265 t
Max speed 36 knots
  • 1x 76 mm OTO Melara gun-
  • 1x 40 mm Bofors gun
  • 4x anti-ship missiles Exocet MM 38
  • Minelaying capacity
  • Equipment
  • Surface Search Radar
  • Navigation Radar
  • PALIS Radar, command and weapons control system
  • Crew 30 people

    P 6141 S 41 „Tiger“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6142 S 42 „Iltis“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6143 S 43 „Luchs“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6144 S 44 „Marder“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6145 S 45 „Leopard“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6146 S 46 „Fuchs“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6147 S 47 „Jaguar“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6148 S 48 „Löwe“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6149 S 49 „Wolf“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6150 S 50 „Panther“ 3. Schnellbootgeschwader Flensburg
    P 6151 S 51 „Häher“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6152 S 52 „Storch“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6153 S 53 „Pelikan“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6154 S 54 „Elster“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6155 S 55 „Alk“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6156 S 56 „Dommel“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6157 S 57 „Weihe“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6158 S 58 „Pinguin“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6159 S 59 „Reiher“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz
    P 6160 S 60 „Kranich“ 5. Schnellbootgeschwader Olpenitz

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