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TITUS® 6x6 MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle)

TITUS® (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System - possibly a retronym, since the builder seems to favor acronyms that replcate the names of Roman emperors) is the latest generation of 6x6 armored vehicles, conceived by Nexter to answer the support and transport vehicles needs of modern armies offering high level of protection, mobility and versatility, as well as controlled ownership cost. TITUS®’ mobility chain was developed in cooperation with Czech supplier Tatra Trucks. Titus belongs to the category of MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle) vehicles that are characterized by strong armor and a high degree of crew protection, but at the same time, despite their weight, they have very good mobility and crossing capabilities through difficult terrain. With its driving characteristics and controls, Titus is close to a heavy truck. The basic solution of the armored body of the Titus, which is directly mounted to the chassis subframe, was developed by the French state company Nexter Systems which offers it on foreign markets in the APC version.

TITUS can carry up to 14 soldiers protected by latest generation modular armor providing NATO level 4 ballistic protection against fire from a heavy machine gun and a 10 kg mine. Titus uses the Tatra T 815-7 6x6 chassis with a central supporting tube and pivoting independently suspended half-axles with air suspension. The drive chain is powered by an in-line liquid-cooled Cummins 6-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 10,824 cm3, an output of 373 kW and a torque of 2102 Nm, followed by a fully automatic 6-speed transmission and a 2-speed auxiliary transmission (transfer box). The steering of the first and last axle contributes to excellent maneuverability. The crossing of the most difficult terrain is given by the same wheelbase between the individual axles, as well as the fully automatic tire inflation system (16.00 R20 tires).

Through its unrivaled level of modularity based on combat missions kits, operational environment kits and a wide family of variants, TITUS® (Tactical Infantry Transport and Utility System) is able to fulfill the full range of missions from infantry transport to combat missions, combat support and combat service support functions, in any kind of type of commitments likely to occur in a full spectrum of conflicts, including hybrid and counterinsurgency environments.

TITUS® offers an exceptional mobility through its TATRA 6 × 6 chassis coupled with a 500Hp engine. Three axles chassis with first and third axle steered, combined with air suspension, offers to this vehicle speed even in hard terrain and excellent comfort for the crew. TITUS® is built on a unique chassis produced by TATRA TRUCKS Inc. based in Koprivnice, Czech Republic. The chassis consists of central backbone tube and independently suspended swinging half-axles. “The so-called TATRA concept proved itself time and again as a reliable system ensuring an excellent terrain crossing ability, manoeuverability and crew comfort,” says Radomir Smolka, TATRA TRUCKS R&D Director.

TITUS® carries three crew members (commander, gunner, driver) and ten-man squad. Optionally, the crew can be reduced down to two operators to accommodate a 12-man squad in the rear compartment. The vehicle can be equipped with a wide range of Remote Control Weapon Stations and weapon systems varying from 7.62mm to 20mm as well as with 40mm grenade launchers. It is fully integrated within the C4I network. TITUS® is equipped with top-class ballistic protection, which is modular and can reach ballistic level 2-4 according to STANAG 4569.

Mine resistance capability is classified as level up to 4a-4b. The vehicle can withstand IED blasts of up to 150 kgs. Combined with state-of-the-art active and passive crew protection systems, TITUS® is an armored vehicle of choice for the demanding scenarios of the 21st century. There are a number of versions of the vehicle available, ranging from a classic IFV through a mobile command post, armored ambulance to communications, maintenance and evacuation vehicles. For police purposes, there is a number of modules that can be used to quickly prepare a vehicle to fulfill specific roles, such as the SWAT module, the WCT module (Water Cannon Tank) or the riot control module.

The TITUS 6x6 armored vehicle integrates a Nexter ARX25 turret. This multi-role armored vehicle (troop transport, reconnaissance, NBC, artillery) is adapted to the geography of the Middle East, due to its motorization and crossing capabilities. Designed for urban combat, it offers excellent maneuverability and an exceptional turning radius. The TITUS is enhanced by integrating robots (NERVA on the ground and IXOS-LG from the roof) on the body, enabling the crew to extend its observation capabilities without exposing itself to the outside of the vehicle.

Unveiled in 2013 at DSEI (London), a “Homeland Security” kit is available, answering more specifically to the needs of police and security forces. In the field of armored vehicles, the TITUS® in homeland security version is adaptable to the operational requirements of internal forces and it allows to safely intervene in high risk areas, in urban or extra-urban areas.

TATRA TRUCKS Inc. and NEXTER SYSTEMS agreed 10 May 2016 to further strengthen their cooperation for the new state-of-the-art TITUS®, the multirole armored vehicle based on a modified 6 × 6 TATRA TRUCKS chassis. Under their agreement, signed at the recent IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi, TATRA TRUCKS will be responsible as prime contractor for the preparation of the bids and the integration of the TITUS® vehicles earmarked for the Czech and Slovak armed forces, with the support of NEXTER SYSTEMS, acting as design authority.

After some procrastination, on 28 August 2018 the Czech Republic officially relaunched the process of purchasing 62 6 × 6 TITUS armored vehicles, developed by Nexter Systems on the basis of a chassis supplied by Tatra Trucks, its local partner. Because "negotiating is not signing", the announcement in no way translated into a contract but rather the validation of the evolution of the contractual scheme for the acquisition of TITUS.

Once materialized, the final contract will include the delivery of 42 Titus in C2 version and 20 in artillery PC variant, dubbed “fire coordination center” by the Czech military, as well as communication and encryption systems. All for an estimated amount of € 221 million. It will also include a maintenance and support component for a period of five years and a budget of 37M €. Deliveries will be spread between 2020 and 2025, adds the ministry.

The long-awaited announcement included a big surprise: Tatra stepped aside in her role as prime contractor for the benefit of Eldis Pardubice. Indeed, following changes in Czech law, Tatra no longer had the level of authorization required by Prague to maintain its status. A role then transferred to Eldis, which has, in this sense, signed a license agreement for the manufacture of TITUS for the Czech Republic with Nexter Systems. Negotiations between Eldis and the Czech government can therefore begin, with the aim of taking orders in the coming months. "The acquisition of the Titus has been one of the priorities of our army for several years. The soldiers need this technology and my goal is to complete this project successfully and quickly, ”said Czech Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar.

Nexter, a KNDS company, European leader in land defense, partook 11 July 2019 to the signature ceremony of the acquisition of 62 TITUS® armored vehicles at the Czech Ministry of Defense (MoD). Czech MoD’s order was for 3 variants of TITUS®: Commanding Post (CP), Transmissions, and Artillery Fire Coordination Post. ELDIS (CSG Group), Nexter’s partner for this Czech Republic project, carries the main contract with the MoD and will organize the licensed local production. This order consecrates a successful European industrial cooperation, combining in a balanced manner the know-how of all involved partners. Nexter's teams are proud to participate in the armed forces’ modernization of a partner of growing importance to France within NATO, and express their gratitude towards the Czech Republic for their trust.

TITUS®  6x6 MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle) TITUS®  6x6 MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle) TITUS®  6x6 MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle) TITUS®  6x6 MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle) TITUS®  6x6 MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle)

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