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The Department of Defense announced November 18, 1998 the possible sale to the Government of Turkey of three FFG-7 PERRY class frigates and eight currently leased FF 1052 KNOX class frigates for service with the Turkish Navy. Also included are: 20,000 rounds of 20mm cartridges, other ammunition items, "cold ship" transfer reactivations, U.S. Government and contractor engineering and logistics personnel support services, publications, repair and calibration services for shipboard equipment, publications and technical data/drawings, training and training equipment, support equipment, spare and repair parts and other elements of logistics necessary to prepare the frigates for transfer to Turkey in a "safe to steam" condition with all shipboard and weapon systems operational. The estimated cost is $205 million.

This proposed sale would contribute to the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by improving the military capabilities of Turkey, while enhancing weapon system standardization and interoperability.

Turkey already had three U.S. Navy PERRY class frigates in its Navy fleet. Turkey needed these frigates to continue its naval modernization program and enhance its anti-submarine warfare capability. The frigates will be provided in accordance with, and subject to the limitation on use and transfer provided under the Arms Export Control Act, as embodied in the terms of sale. This sale will not adversely affect either the military balance in the region or U.S. efforts to encourage a negotiated settlement of the Cyprus question. The proposed sale of this equipment and support would not affect the basic military balance in the region.

The PERRY vessels woud be transferred on a "cold ship" basis because the decommissioning has occurred prior to approval of the enacting legislation. The primary efforts for transfer would be completed through the Naval Sea Systems Command by a contract crew. There were no prime contractors for provision of the weapon systems applicable to these platforms. There were no offset agreements proposed to be entered into in connection with this potential sale.

The GENESIS (Ship Integrated Combat Management System) G-Class Frigate Combat Management System Modernisation Program (G-GSMP) was initiated by Turkish Naval Forces Command for the modernisation of its G-Class (Ex-USN Perry Class) frigates by removing the obsolete Combat Management System and integrating GENESIS (Ship Integrated Combat Management System). Havelsan will carry out the system development, integration, hardware and software testing of the GENESIS Ship Integrated Warfare Management System; and will provide the necessary training and ongoing maintenance services for the life-span of the system using domestic resources.

It was expected that the 4 ships that did not receive upgrade will be decommissioned by 2025, while the remaining 4 ships will be decommissioned by 2030.

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