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SOCARENAM designs and builds all types of professional vessels, from 10 to over 80m, to meet the specific needs of shipowners. SOCARENAM has a long and solid experience in Shipbuilding, Ship Reparation and Maintenance of all kind of ships. The year 1961 saw the inception of “Société Calaisienne de Réparation Navale et Mécaniques” (SOCARENAM) by « Société Navale Caeannaise » for reparation & maintenance works of its own commercial Fleet.

In order to meet a market of small units intended for the armed forces, SOCARENAM has created its SOCARENAM Côte d’Opale’s site. It has developed a range of aluminum hull boats from 10 to 20m, tailor-made to meet missions assigned to them. These launches are designed to carry a few people on daily missions in port or coastal environments. SOCARENAM can therefore offer vessels based on existing models or designed specifically for specific missions.

  • SEA RESCUE LAUNCH - Delivery of a 12m launch designed to respond to rescue missions at sea within 20 miles of the coast. This fast boat can reach 32 knots and has a long range despite its small size: 200 nautical miles at 15 knots. It is operated by a crew of 4 people and can accommodate 6 passengers or survivors. It is also equipped with a 3.5m auxiliary boat to carry out its rescue missions.
  • DIVERS LAUNCH - Construction of a 12m unsinkable launch designed to accommodate divers from a rescue team, it can accommodate up to 6 divers and is operated by a crew of 2 people. This launch can also respond to shipboard fires, with a 120 m3/h water monitor and an intervention speed of 20 knots.
  • HARBOR TRANSFER LAUNCH - Delivery of 21 Harbor transfer launches for the French Navy. These launches are intended for the transshipment of crews of navy ships at anchor in the harbor. This 16m long boat can accommodate up to 36 passengers with their luggage, with 2 crew members to operate it. It can reach a speed of 21 knots and has an important autonomy of more than 300 nautical miles at 16 knots.

In the range of military vessels from 20 to 40m, SOCARENAM has developed and built several patrol vessels to meet the needs of navies and State organizations involved in State Action at Sea. These ships are designed to carry out missions lasting a few days in the Exclusive Economic Zone. They can comfortably accommodate between 10 and 20 people for various missions. Their size generally allows them to accommodate one or two intervention boats, with their launching equipment, communication and specific equipment necessary for their missions.

  • 28M PATROL VESSEL - Design and construction of 4 surveillance boats for the French Customs. These 28m long boats are designed to carry out 2 to 3 day customs and patrols missions in the coastal strip of the EEZ. They comfortably accommodate up to 11 customs officers to carry out their specific missions. A 6.5m rapid response craft, launched by davit, allows the crew to intercept and control the targeted vessels, even in difficult weather conditions. Many detection and communication tools, including a thermal camera, provide discreetly customs officers with information on their environment.
  • 43M PATROL VESSEL - Construction and delivery of 2 General Surveillance Vessels for the French Customs. These 43m long vessels are intended to carry out customs missions lasting several days in the French Exclusive Economic Zone. They can accommodate up to 23 customs officers, including crew, who work with one of the two 9.5m and 6.7m boats, launched by davit with anti-pendulum, whatever the weather conditions. These patrol boats are also equipped with the necessary instruments to monitor their environment, including a thermal camera, and a light weaponry consisting of four 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns. These particularly robust vessels patrol 300 days a year at sea and actively participate in Customs missions and State Action at Sea.

For patrol vessels over 40m long, SOCARENAM has an extensive experience with the construction of several 50m and 60m vessels. Intended for long patrols in the Exclusive Economic Zone and international waters, these vessels can comfortably accommodate a crew of more than 20 people for several weeks. Entirely dedicated to their patrol missions, these ships are equipped with all the necessary equipment: fast intervention boats, intelligence instruments and sensors, rooms dedicated to their missions, light or heavy weapons. SOCARENAM can thus propose a tailor-made patrol boat based on the references below or on their numerous preliminary projects from 40 to more than 80m.

  • OCEANIC CUSTOMS PATROL VESSEL - Design and construction of a 53m offshore patrol boat for the French Customs. This ship is intended to carry out patrols and customs interventions in the high seas. It can accommodate up to 24 people who can respond with one of the two rapid response boats. To intervene in all weathers, these are launched by davit with anti-pendulum and a FLUME stabilizer tank is installed to limit ship’s movements. Also intended to control migratory flows, the patrol boat is equipped for this purpose with a temporary reception room for 20 people directly accessible from the outside. The ship equipment is completed with the necessary sensors, information and communication instruments.
  • READY DUTY SHIP - Delivery of two 53m patrol boats for the Belgian Navy, type Ready Duty Ship. The purpose of these vessels is to strengthen the Navy’s presence off its coasts and to participate in the State Action at Sea. They are equipped with two fast intervention boats launched up to 12 knots by a davit and a launching ramp. A 12.7mm remotely operated machine gun also enhances the sailors’ ability to control and neutralize targets. Capable of comfortably accommodate 30 crew members, these vessels are equipped with all the necessary equipment and facilities to carry out their missions, such as a diving room, a meeting room, a fire monitor or a 29 Tm crane.
  • 61M PATROL VESSEL - Design and supply of two 61m patrol boats for the Guyana base of the French Navy. Specifically designed to operate in the aggressive environment of French Guiana, these ships are designed to affirm country’s sovereignty in this ultramarine territory. Fisheries surveillance, prevention of illegal trafficking at sea, protection of Kourou space center and control of the maritime territory are the missions assigned to them. Equipped with a 20mm remote-controlled gun, light machine guns of 12.7 and 5.67mm, two 7.5m fast intervention boats, launched by davit and ramp, as well as a fire monitor, these patrol boats are particularly suitable for all their missions, accommodating up to 38 crew members and passengers.

In accordance with its know-how, SOCARENAM has developed and built special vessels specially designed to meet very specific needs. Whether it is landing craft, diver support vessels or sonar towing vessels, SOCARENAM is able to offer all types of vessels designed to carry out special missions for military forces. The following references present unique buildings, designed and developed to meet very precise specifications.

  • FAST LANDING CRAFT - Construction of six landing craft for French and Egyptian navies. This craft, called EDA-R, is a force projection vessel composed of a mobile platform and a catamaran, it is 30 meters long and 12.4 meters wide. The EDA-R works in combination with the French Navy’s Projection and Control Vessel and is therefore part of the French Amphibious Group. The EDA-R combines the nautical qualities of a catamaran in cruise mode (speed, seakeeping) and those of a landing barge (shallow draft) in barge mode. It allows the rapid deployment of a first wave of soldiers and vehicles (including tanks) to a theatre of operation. The speed of this machine is ensured both by its light weight, made possible by a specific aluminum construction, and the deployment of foils driven by hydraulic cylinders. The EDA-R can reaches a speed of 30 knots light and 20 knots at full load.
  • DIVER SUPPORT VESSEL - Design and construction of a diver support vessel for the French Navy. It is a robustly built vessel combining a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure to reduce its weight. It is 60 meters long, 13.2 meters wide and has a draft of 5 meters. With a long range, this vessel is distinguished by its ability to accommodate many divers and to have specific facilities such as a decompression chamber, a storage area for diving equipment and shell doors with diving platform. This ship allows versatile operations thanks in particular to its fire-fighting monitor, its 12-ton helicopter platform, its military equipment and its capacity to carry containers and fast boats.
  • SONAR TOWING VESSEL - Delivery of three sonar towing vessel for the French Navy. Their main missions are the monitoring of the seabed up to 80 metres (mainly to protect movements near Brest of nuclear ballistic missile submarines), training for cadets and public service missions (hydrography, monitoring of the exclusive economic zone). Measuring 28 meters long by 7.7 meters wide, it has a full load displacement of 340 tons and a speed of 10 knots. It is equipped with a towing winch and an electrotractor winch to launch 4-metre-long DUBM41B sonars.

More than 300 ships, entirely built by SOCARENAM, have left the workshops within last years. A professional team composed of engineers, high specialized technicians, skilled workers ensure the Best Quality of products in the National & International Ship Building Market.

SOCARENAM opened a new site 1969 in Boulogne-sur-Mer on the historical place of BAHEUX shipyards, famous manufacturer of steel fishing vessels of the early twentieth century. Boulogne sur mer site became the head office of the company. Due to intensive activities, SOCARENAM opened a third industrial site in the Port of Dunkerque in 1973. In 1989 « Société Navale Caeannaise » decides to separate from its subsidiaries, including SOCARENAM. Employees conduct a “RES” (Company Takeover by Employees). From that date the company belongs exclusively to its managers and employees.

In order to diversify the skills, in 2009 SOCARENAM took the opportunity to acquire Saint-Malo Shipyard, specialist in aluminium ship building. In 2014 SOCARENAM continued its expansion and made reborn the old CALOIN BlackSmith Shop at Etaples-sur-Mer, an old dead shipyard dated from 1848. The objective is to offer a small and medium size steel and aluminium vessels for Defence and Civil market.

SOCARENAM has an integrated design office, composed of engineers and technicians, able to perform all technical studies, from simple draft to full production files. The experience of the design office allows to fulfil Owner’s requirements in compliance with all Maritime Rules and Regulation including innovative technology and advanced development in the field of Hydrodynamic, Propulsion Technology, Energy Saving Solutions. SOCARENAM offers a wide range of steel and Aluminium Vessels from 10 up to 90 meters length. The company possess all skills and competencies to make turnkey vessels, including ship hull construction and all outfitting works process.

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