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SRS PZO S-10CROA1 Self propelled surface to air missile system

The 9K35M STRELA-10M [NATO code: SA-13 GOPHER] is an anti-aircraft missile system called the S-10M for short. It is designed to attack enemy aircraft. The system includes either the 9A34 or 9A35 combat vehicle, and 9M37 missiles. The light tracked MT-LB transporter provides the whole system the excellent off-road riding qualities. The combat vehicles were gradually upgraded especially in electronic control equipment installed in the command compartment. The sofware enables the receipt and processing of data regarding the air situation, identification of a target, homing the missile and the information feedback on overall combat activities.

The 9M37 missile with an infrared homing system and solid fuel engine reaches a velocity of Mach 2, and is capable of defeating targets at Mach 1.25. The missile is equipped with a high explosive 6 kg warhead with fragmentation charge. The container is a safe transporter of the missile which also enables the joining of the missile to the launching ramp turret, its aiming and its launching. Some combat vehicles are equipped with the 9S16 direction finder to identify air targets. The detection range provides sufficient time for turning the turret to a required position.

Self propelled surface to air missile system SRL S10-CROA1 is a part of Croatians air-defence system SRS PZO S-10CRO and is intended to be used against air attacks of armoured, mechanized units, protection of vital objects, airports and naval bases on small and medium altitudes. It is specifically intended to be used for defense against air-attacks (air-forces, attack helicopters, guided missiles) of moving units.

Upgrade of 9A34M and 9A35M systems to SRL S10-CROA1 refers to improvement of tactical and technical characteristics on existing launchers of air-defense forces. "SRS PZO S-10CROA1" is, compared to "RS PZO S-10M", upgraded and significantly improved surface-to-air missile system.

Upgraded surface to air missile launcher system compared to the existing version has several advantages. Better target tracking in all operational/environmental conditions due to installed cameras and monitors as well as better cooperation between commander and operators. Instantenous vehicle position data. With this data and built-in computers it is possible to obtain target position from the outside (acquisition radar or portable guidance device) which automatically directs launcher on target.

Computer system is based on embedded computer solution with Real-Time (RT) operating system (providing determinism and reliability). Computer system unites target data analysis (image processing, position data analysis, target tracking), position of rocket system and performs analysis in order to simplify target selection and firing decision. The system is also used for selected data recording, control of launcher positioning and monitoring of subsystems' integrity and functionality. Upgrade of communication implies incorporation of newer communication system (in agreement with the contracter) with the idea of incorporating into the system as much modern solutions (utilising wireless communication) as possible. Besides introducing multi-channel multipurpose radio link (with more analog and digital communication channels), internal digital link is also included. With this much greater possibilities of voice and data communication are achieved.

Upgrade of communication implies application of up-to-date communication systems in order of incorporating as much modern solutions as possible into the system. Besides introducing multi-channel multipurpose radio link (with more analog and digital communication channels), internal digital link is also included, providing much better possibilities of voice and data communication.

Main assembly parts  of SRL S10-CROA1:

  • armored combat vehicle
  • rocket launcher with four rocket holders
  • regulated electromotor drive
  • rocket launching subsystem
  • central computer for launcher positioning towards target and shooting control
  • optoelectronic subsystem
  • subsystem used for determination of launching zone
  • subsystem for voice communication and reception/transmission of digital data
  • commander's computer used for reception of commands and delivery of battle actions of SRL to main command centre
  • sensors: GPS, compass, inclinometer, fire-fighting and heating subsystems, autonomous power supply;

Technical specifications of SRL S10-CROA1:

Combat set:      8 missiles (4 on launcher ready-to-fire and additional 4 in APC vehicle)

Mass:                                       9850 kg

- cruising position                      7270 x 2700 x 2400 mm (outline 2000 mm)

- combat position                       7270 x 2700 x 3635 mm

Maximum speed:

- on asphalt                                                      90 km/h

- non-asphalt                                                    35 km/h

Transport features:

- drive                                                             3 shafts, 6 x 6

- maximum angle of ascent                               up to 70%
- dealing with obstacles                         up to 1500 mm at 35%

- side inclination                                               up to 35%

- dealing with vertical obstacles              up to 515 mm
- dealing with trenches                          up to 800 mm in width

- dealing with water obstacles                            up to 1000 mm in depth

- firing mode                          stationary or in motion at cruising speed of 30 km/h

- operating modes                                             centralized or autonomous

- target detection/ target guidance:        acquisition radar; data transfer system; optronic sensors

- target data measurements: distance; radial and angular speed (radar range finder, launcher drives and central computer)

- self-guiding system      IR/photo-contrast with selection of actual target

- target destruction                                           impact type and laser-operated

- head-on course                                              up to 1500 km/h (417 m/s)

- dog course                                                     up to 1100 km/h (310 m/s)

- temperature range of operation                       -30C to +50C

Comparison of combat performances with different missile types


Combat posts of SRL S10-CROA1 crew

The company has spare electronic blocks on storage, ready to be shipped within days. Production, test, maintenance and technical inspection equipment and repair possibilities of SRL S-10CROA1 are provided as well.

Since production, maintenance, technical inspections and repairs on SRL S-10CROA1 requires phase and final tests and controls the company has facilities for environmental and vibration testing.

Producer has developed computer system with software for SRL S-10CROA1 based on embedded computer and FPGA military class hardware combined with Real Time OS platform.
Central computer system integrates target data processing (image processing, position data and motion calculation and prediction), system position data processing, and simplifies target selection and firing decision procedures. Computer system additional tasks are data recording, part of drive control functions, and relevant subsystems integrity and functionality permanent monitoring.

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