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Uzina Mecanica Plopeni SA - Filiala C.N. ROMARM SA

Address: Str. Republicii nr. 1
City: Plopeni
Phone: 0040 244 221318
Fax: 0040 244 223023                    
Web site:
Contact person: Iordache Marian - General Manager
Fiscal Code: 13741804
Year of establishment: 1937
Quality Standards, Licenses/Certifications: SR EN ISO 9001:2001 O.M.C.A.S. Certify
Type of activity: Manufacturer
Field of activity: - Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
- Casting of iron
- Casting of light metals
- Treatment and coating of metals
- Machining
- Manufacture of tools
Short description:

The plant was founded on the 25.02.1937 when the Romanian government and Industrial Administration of Mining and Mines from Ardeal signed an agreement to build a plant to manufacture ammunition and war artillery.

In 1941 Autonomous Public Administration of Margineanca Plants (APAMP) started the production of artillery ammunition.

Up to 1990, the plants name was Plopeni Mechanical Industrial Unit as part of MDIETEMTIHOSE  a Ministry of Designing Industry of  Technical, Electrical Machine-Tools Industrial Head Office for Special Equipement. In 1991 IHOSE Bucharest and Plopeni Mechanical Plant one of its subsidiaries.

According to Government Resolution no. 705/15.10.1998, RATMIL Bucharest becomes S.N. ROMARM S.A. and Plopeni Mechanical Plant acquiring juridical statute becomes S.C. PLOPENI S.A. subsidiary of S.N.ROMARM S.A.

In 2000, S.N. ROMARM S.A. merges with Armys Arsenal Autonomous Administration and there appears S.N. ROMARM S.A and S.C.  Plopeni Mechanical Plant its subsidiary.

Even since its foundation and up the present day, the plant assimilated and produced different types of ammunition caliber between  23 mm  and 152 mm for the army and export.

Among the traditional products mentioned above, there follows:

-  23 mm caliber rounds for GS 23 L airplane guns of following types: explosive incendiary ,  incendiary armor-piercing  and training shells;

-  30 mm caliber rounds for  NN-30 / AK 230 naval guns of following  types: OF-83 explosive, F-83 explosive and BR- 83 tracer and rounds for towed guns 2 x 30 and OF- 83 R explosive and BZR-83R explosive incendiary tracer;

-  30 mm caliber round for naval installations AK - 630 and AK - 306 of following types: explosive incendiary shell, explosive incendiary with tracer shell and armor-piercing incendiary shell with tracer;

-  40 mm caliber rounds for automatic launcher AGA-40 of following types: explosive and training shells;

-  76 mm caliber rounds meant for mountain cannon Md. 48 B1 A5 and Md.  82 of following types: explosive, explosive with tracer, shaped high explosive with MLR, smoke shell and festivity shell as well as rounds for field divisionary cannon Md.42 explosive and armor-piercing with tracer;

-  100 mm caliber round for D10 tank guns, anti-tank guns Md. 77, China guns Md. 59, AA K.S. 19 guns explosive types OF-412, explosive OF 415,

armor-piercing with tracer BR- 412 B, BR- 412D armor-piercing with tracer, PBR-412 AD sell-destruction explosive fuse explosive, shaped high-  explosive with MLR;

-  130 mm caliber round for field cannon M46 and Md. 82 towed cannon with change explosive shell CV and RV;

-  152 mm caliber rounds for shell guns Md.37/81 with charge explosive CV and RV,  hollow charge with slow roll heat.

The plant manufactures different types of explosive TNT cakes, pumped-back or not pumped-back hexogen for different user.

 There follows tome new assimilated products or others which are during assimilation:

-  20 mm caliber ammunition (cartridge case, body shell and fuse pattern) for M 621 GIAT airplane guns;

-  30 mm caliber rounds for GS 30L airplane guns of following types: explosive incendiary, armor-piercing with tracer with cargo carrying  for training with and without tracer;

-  30 mm caliber rounds for 2A 42 gun of following types: explosive incendiary, armor-piercing with tracer types: explosive incendiary, armor-piercing with tracer and training with and without tracer;

-  35 mm Oerlikon caliber rounds (explosive body, training body with tracer, cartridge case, SPA, base fuse);

- 40 mm caliber rounds for NATO automatic launcher for training, explosive and antipersonnel explosive;

-  100 mm caliber round arrow APF SDST for D 10 tank guns, Md. 77anti-tank guns, T 59 CHINA guns;

-  130 mm caliber round for m 46 Md. 82 guns with cargo shell, BB cargo and BB explosive;

-  152 mm caliber round for Md. 37/81 shell guns with CARGO with BB and training CARGO with CV and RV charge;

-  155 mm caliber round CARGO with BB;

-  155 mm caliber body shell M 107 explosive;

-  clustered warhead for the 80 km range reactive projectile, 273 mm caliber;

- electronic Countermeasures system for thermal decoy (IR) CHAFF and Electromagnetic decoy (RL) FLARE.

The proof that the plant was willing to assimilate new products are the contracts    financed by the national programs RELANSIN for the following products:

- clustered warhead for the 80 km range reactive projectile, 273 mm caliber

- 273 mm caliber reactive round for the launchers container;

- a new improved type of PG-7 engine which ensue a 30% increase in action stroke;

- 76 mm caliber round with per-moulded elements and proximity fuse projectile for AK 726 and AK 176 naval guns.

The plants main purpose is to maintain its profile, i.e. manufacturing military technique, high technicality products and services which can satisfy all the clients needs and requirements.

Export offer:

- Other articles of malleable cast iron
- Forged steel parts

Main export markets: EU countries: Italy, Germany

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