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Uzina Mecanica Mija SA - Filiala C.N. ROMARM SA

Address: DN 72 km 33+145
City: Comuna I.L. Caragiale
Phone: 0040 245 660278 
Fax: 0040 245 660097                              
Web site:
Contact person: Anghelache Ion - General Manager
Fiscal Code: 2978636
Year of establishment: 1938
Quality Standards, Licenses/Certifications: SR EN ISO 9001 - certified by CERTIND
Type of activity: Manufacturer
Field of activity: - Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
Short description:

On November 5th, 1938 was founded the Chemical and Mechanical Romanian Industry, like an Anonymus Company. The new Company was the result of the State efforts and actions of founding members like prof. Elie Carafoli who had a notable contribution in the development of modern aircraft.

Plant profile consistend in manufacturing of aircraft bombs weighting 50 Kg, 100 Kg and 225 Kg, anti-tanK mines boads for aircraft, machine guns, smoke equipment-all these items for army necessities.

The technological possibilities and management of Works provided the opportunity to achive the specific products of machine construction so, the Mija Works produce both special items for army and civil items (e.g. valves, greasers, gear transmisions, torsion bars).

Now the name of the factory is U.M. MIJA S.A., a subsidiary of C.N. ROMARM S.A. Bucharest.

Location: The plant is located in Dambovita county, between Ploiesti city and Targoviste city, at 80 Km from Bucharest.

Object of activity: UM MIJA SA is a manufacture and supplier of:

1. Hand Grenade

-   Defensive Hand Grenade Type F-1 is explosive type and designed to destroy the living force in unsheltered areas and light camp works.

-   Offensive Hand Grenade  Model 92 is explosive type and designed for the offensive fight in order to confuse the unsheltered living force of the enemy by noise, blast and light chips.

-   GMM Multipurpose Hand Grenade designed to destroy the personnel and light armoured targets. It consists of a prefragmentated cylindrical body filled with explosive composition. It can be used in three variants: defensive, offensive and high explosive hollow charge

-   Fuse for hand grenade

2. The rounds with cumulative anti-tank grenade

-   Anti-tank Grenades PG-7 and PG-9 round equipped with PG-7M or PG-7V and PG-9 anti-tank grenade designated, mainly for destroying of heavy armoured vehicles and the personnel from armoured shelters and can be fired from Romarm 40mm AG7 and all type of RPG-7 portable anti-tank rockets launchers and respectively from 73mm AG-9 launcher for PG-9 round.

3. Products for Public Order

-    Hand grenades with acoustic effect, light- acoustic effect, tear-irritating effect and smoke tear effect are used by the order organs against some groups of persons which trouble the public silence and order, causing uncertainty and fear states, followed by leaving the action place.

-    The 12 caliber cartridge with one rubber ball and with 15 rubber balls is designed for the neutralization of person found at distances between 10 and 35 m for short distance and 30 and 80 m for long distance.

-    The 12 caliber cartridge with tear-irritating effect and tear smoke shell 38 caliber is designed for the neutralization of person barricaded in different places. Striken by an obstacle the bullet punches and liberates the tear-irritating substance.

-    The 12 caliber cartridge penetration of rigid objects is used in fight missions of special troops to induce partial damage of various materials wood, metallic structures, securized glass by firing a repetition gun caliber 12mm or a hunting gun.

4. Aircraft Bombs

-    BAEF-100P explosive aerial bomb with Braking Parachute - designed to equip the aircrafts that can carry out bombardments with maximum speed of 1000 Km/h from minimum heights of 200 m and that are equipped with hanging devices for these types of bombs.

-    FUEBA type universal fuse designed for achievement of bombardments from horizontal flight and diving at a minimum altitude of 30 m and speed less than 1000 Km/h, with bombs equipped with electric controlled fuse

 5. Torsion Bars, gearboxes and divider gearboxes for machine of fight

6. Extracting explosives from some or destruction of ammunition components.

Export offer: - Antitank grenade
- Hand grenade
- Fuse for hand grenade
Main export markets: USA, Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Kuwait, Pakistan, Georgia, Bangladesh, Oman, Sri Lanka, EAU, Ecuador, Algeria, Morocco, Burkina Faso, South Korea

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