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Arsenal Resita SA

S.C. Arsenal Resita S.A., subsidiary of CN ROMARM SA BUCURESTI, engages in manufacturing, upgrading, and overhauling defense weapons and caliber artillery materials. Its products include guns and howitzers; classic machine tools, such as turning lathes, milling, grinding, and electro-erosion machines; machine for autofretage; and welding equipment with covered electrode. The company also engages in various other activities in the areas of hydraulic systems, welded structures, metal constructions and mounting, surface cleaning using sanding or iron shot, and straightening of cylinders on hydraulic press. In addition, S.C.Arsenal Resita S.A. provides services and cooperation in production, such as design, technological engineering.

S.C.ARSENAL RESITA SA applies a Quality Management System which complies with SR EN ISO 9001:2001. System structure includes processes established in connection with the section of this standard. Quality Management System is certified by Military Organization for Certification, Authentification and Supervision (OMCAS) which has issued, in this matter, the certificate No. 22/3, dated 08.03.2004 and valid till 07.03.2007.

The factory has been equipped for the manufacturing of defense weapons, especially middle and large caliber guns and howitzers. A significant number of guns and howitzers has been homologated and manufactured since the foundation. Geopolitical changes that occurred after 1990 led to a general decline of the demand in the defense industry and special products, both at internal and international level. This generated an overcapacity in the global production of artillery weapons and, as a result, the company had to reorient it's offer towards non-military products and services. Nevertheless, the general profile of the company is still oriented towards the production of artillery weapons. Moreover, it is involved in co-production programs of anti-aircraft and small caliber guns and is making efforts to upgrade the existing models.

Address: Str. Barzavitei nr. 4
City: Resita
Phone: 0040 255 250502
Fax: 0040 255 225011                   
Web site:
Fiscal Code: 14366231
Year of establishment: 1972
Quality Standards, Licenses/Certifications: ISO 9002
Type of activity: Manufacturer
Field of activity: Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
Export offer:

- Artillery Systems:
  . A 684 − Mountain Howitzer, cal. 98 mm
  . A 475 − Mountain Howitzer, cal. 100 mm
  . A 407 − Anti−tank gun, cal. 100 mm, towed
  . A 407M2 − Anti−tank gun, cal. 100 mm, towed, with FCS
  . A 308 − Gun, cal. 100 mm, on TR 77 battle tank
  . A 430 − Gun, cal. 100 mm, on ship turret
  . A 565 − Howitzer, cal. 122 mm, for OAP 122
  . A 555 − Gun, cal. 125 mm, on TR 125 battle tank
  . A 412 − Gun, cal. 130 mm, towed
  . A 411 − Howitzer, cal. 152 mm, towed
  . GDF 103 − Anti−aircraft Gun, 2X35 mm
  . KBA B07 − 25 mm Cannon, on MLI

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