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Rh202 20mm anti-aircraft cannon

The 20mm Twin-mounted Rh202 anti-aircraft gun is a light, highly mobile automatic system for defence against low-flying aircraft. The Rheinmetall Rh 202 is a German 20 mm calibre cannon primarily employed in anti-aircraft roles both as an infantry weapon and mounted on ships. The Rh 202 has a maximum range of 7000 meters, with an effective range of between 500 and 2500 metres and fires at a rate of between 800 and 950 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 1050 meters-per-second. The MK20 Rh-202 has a high rate of fire, yet low recoil forces, and can thus be mounted in a variety of vehicles and mounts. It is a dual-feed weapon that feeds from the top, and the type of round fired may be selected by a simple switch.

The Rheinmetall Mk 20 RH-202 20x139mm AA system can be transferred after placed on two-wheeled trailer. It and can be coupled to a light vehicle such as the Mercedes Benz 240GD Gelndewagen , or a military truck such as the Mercedes Benz Unimog or the Steyr 680M - all of them are in service in the Hellenic Army & the Hellenic Air Force. The 20mm Rheinmetal Rh.202 barrel is mounted on the Marder IFV, Luchs & Wiesel.

As the successor model to the 20mm HS-820 cannon, the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany was planning a development, the Rheinmetall offered under its own name RH-202. This AA system should be not only much cheaper than the 20mm HS-820, but also much better: with maximum of fire readiness, extended operational life, resistance against weather, dirt, sand & water and ease operation and field maintenance. The Rheinmetall Zwillingsflak twin gun anti aircraft system, designed to match the mission of the low level air defence units of the German Air Force, to engage low and very low approaching enemy aircraft with all appropriate means in time to prevent them from firing their weapons or delivering their ordnance or at least to prevent them from carrying out an accurate attack on an Air Force installation.

The Budget Committee of the Bundestag approved the Zwillingsflak system in December 1969 and serial production began few months later. Volume production in Dsseldorf and in the second manufacturing site at Mauser in Oberndorf began in May 1970. Initial problems in production were solved quickly, and the RH-202 was promoted in the service of the Bundeswehr into a Rheinmetall success story: In 1967 the Federal Ministry of Defence accepted the automatic cannon for the introduction in all branches of service. Through the consistent use of the 20mm RH-202 at Army, Air Force and Navy is thus guaranteed in the Federal Republic of Germany for a limited time, the weapons & ammunition standardization. The first serially manufactured systems reached units of the Bundeswehr on October 12th 1972. Rheinmetall delivered the last of these systems in 1976.

It was used by the Argentine Air Force (FAA - Fuerza Area Argentina) during the Falklands War, used in the defense of the airfield at Port Stanley Falkland.. Since 1981, it is used by the Portuguese Army (Exrcito Portugus) and the Portuguese Air Force (FAP - Fora Area Portuguesa). The Rheinmetall Mk 20 RH-202 2x20mm AA system was withdrawn from service with the German Armed Forces, but still in active use with the Hellenic Army AA artillery, the HAF - Hellenic Air Force, the Turkish Armed Forces and Indonesian Army air defence as well. A total of 6630 Rheinmetall Mk 20 RH-202 systems were produced.

RH-202 20mm
Firing Range 7.000 m
Rate of fire 2000 rounds/min
Crew 4

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