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POPRAD self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system

The POPRAD self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system is intended for fighting low and medium altitude air targets with use of heat-seeking missiles. The basic functions of POPRAD are accomplished by a tracking-aiming head, which contains a set of electrooptical sensors (thermal camera and laser range-finder), four launchers of GROM missiles, IFF, two-axis drive. The system uses a fire guiding computer and a navigation and orientation system. Target acquisition is based on digital data radio-link from the automated air defense command and control system or is worked-out autonomously. The missile launching system is mounted on the Zubr-P off-road truck, other carriers can be used as well.

SPZR Poprad is designed to detect, recognize and destroy air targets at very short distances and low heights. It has an autonomous passive target detection and tracking system and ensures cooperation with the reconnaissance system, making it difficult to detect and resistant to interference. It can work in the system, as well as independently perform air defense tasks. It is equipped with GROM / PIORUN rockets, produced by MESKO SA and elements of optoelectronics manufactured by PCO SA.

The combat properties of the set, especially such as high mobility and the possibility of radio data transmission, were subordinated to its main application - anti-aircraft cover of operational troops and the fight against air objects, such as airplanes or helicopters. Poprad is also an effective measure against unmanned aerial vehicles. This functionality can be enhanced by retrofitting it with elements of the BSP non-kinetic neutralization kit.

The deliveries of POPRAD self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems (SPZR) are the result of the implementationan agreement concluded in December 2015 between the Armament Inspectorate and PIT-Radwar SA. The contract value exceeds PLN 1 billion. According to the contract, the contractor will deliver 77 copies of SPZR POPRAD in 2018-2021 and adjust 2 copies of trial batch to serial batch. In 2020, 22 copies of the SPZR POPRAD zbatch batch and 2 copies of SPZR POPRAD from the trial batch after adjustment.

In addition to the deliveries carried out for the 15th Mechanized Brigade, in March 2020, has been handed over1 copy of SPZR POPRAD to the 8th Koszalin Anti-Aircraft Regiment. So far, in 2020, to the Polish Armed Forces 8 copies of SPZR POPRAD were delivered. The next serial copies of the SPZR POPRAD were delivered by the end of October, also by the 17th Wielkopolska Mechanized Brigade and the 19th Lublin Mechanized Brigade, while the Polish Armed Forces POPRAD from the trial batch, which were adapted to the serial production version, went to the Polish Armed Forces to end of November.

Twenty-four sets were delivered to military units in the country and the Air Force Training Center in Koszalin. The last copy of SPZR POPRAD left the plant on 26 November 20206. Deliveries are made on the basis of an agreement with the Armament Inspectorate, which covers 79 systems with a value of over PLN 1 billion. "The delivery of 24 modern VSHORAD systems is an important stage in the modernization of the Polish Armed Forces. Efficient execution of the order, while carrying out a number of other projects, including communication and command systems, radar for the pk program. NAREW, best confirms the potential of the PGZ Group companies for ambitious and demanding projects", said Hubert Stepniewicz, member of the PGZ SA Management Board.

"POPRAD sets, similarly to other solutions offered by PIT-RADWAR, thanks to their modular and scalable architecture, have great potential in terms of the possibility of modernization, modification and further development" said the president of PIT-RADWAR SA, Dr. hab. Krzysztof Kluza - PIT-RADWAR offers consistent, modern systems, not only in the VSHORAD class, but also in the field of short-range air defense, with the possibility of cooperation with other elements of air defense, meeting the operational needs of the Polish Armed Forces and adequate to the requirements of the battlefield - both in the immediate vicinity and in the long run.

System type Self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system
State Poland
Manufacturer PIT-Radwar
Entry into service 2018
System status active
Users Poland
Targets fought against planes, helicopters, drones
Defense layer VSHORAD
System platform AMZ Zubr-P
Missiles PPZR Grom , PPZR Piorun
Guidance passive ( infrared )
Range 500 - 5,500 m
Plot ceiling 10 - 3500 m
number of missiles 4 (and 4 spare)
  • high mobility
  • short deployment time
  • capability of fight fast maneouvring targets
  • hidden operation
  • day and night operation

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