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Piaggio P.166

The P166 is a light utility aircraft developed by Piaggio in the 1960s to replace the P136 "Royal Gull", an amphibious plane that met with great success. The P166 has been produced in numerous versions. Thanks to its versatility and adaptability, it has been used in many different operational applications such as an executive aircraft, an air ambulance during military operations, a multiengine trainer, a marine reconnaissance and air surveillance aircraft, and for operations.

The latest model, the P166 DP1, was developed between 1998 and 2004. It has been awarded ENAC-EASA civil aviation certification as per FAR-JAR 23 regulations for instrument flight, with autopilot, under known icing conditions. Also, the military version called the P166-DP1-VMA, which is designed for "marine surveillance to prevent illegal trafficking", is currently used by the Italian Finance Police. It has completed the DGAA-Armaereo certification process.

The P166 DP1 features new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-A121 turboprop engines with 615 SHP and an increased maximum takeoff weight of 9920 lbs (4500 kg). It is also equipped with Collins Proline II Avionics and Autopilot, electric trim on all three axes, an improved fuel system with single-point pressurized refueling, and a bleed air heating and air conditioning system with ecological Freon. Interior comfort has also been improved, and all materials are certified as fireproof.

The P166 DP1 is equipped with the VMA state-of-the-art mission surveillance system featuring a new, tactical console that is fully integrated into the work station. It can handle and display day and night thermal images and includes a color camera, weather radar, and 360 search capabilities. The P166 DP1 even has an IR/UV Scanner for environmental surveillance, with dedicated console in the VMA version.

The technical specifications of the P166 DP1 describe a versatile, reliable aircraft that is suited for highly diverse applications. The P166 DP1 is a twin pusher-type turboprop and is powered by two P&WC PT6A-121 rated at 615 SHP each. It has a comfortable (unpressurized) cabin with a height of 1.75 meters (69.29 in) and is certified to operate with a single pilot. In its civil executive version, it can host up to 6 passengers besides a two-man crew. Two versions are available: a standard model for civilian transport, and a version for marine surveillance to prevent illegal trafficking (used by the Italian Finance Police).

First Flight 26.11.1957
Wing Span 14,69 m 48,2 ft
Wing Area 26,6 m 286 ft
Length 11,88 m 39,0 ft
Height 5,00 m 16,4 ft
Cabin Height 69.29 in
Cabin Width 61.81 in
Cabin Length 120,08 in
MTOW 9920 lbs
MZFW 8190 lbs
Max Payload 1290 lbs
Max Fuel 2490 lbs
Maximum Altitude 24000 ft
Vmo 220 Kts (210 Kts for the VMA version)
Max Control Speed 85 Kts
Stall Speed 69 Kts
Max Range 915 nm at Max Range Power
Max Time 5Hr 10' Patrol Mission at 3000 ft
T/O Distance 2450 ft at MTOW ISA S.L.
LAND Distance 2150 ft at MLW ISA S.L.
Best Rate / Climb 1770 ft/min Two Engine at MTOW
Best Rate / Climb 490 ft/min One Engine at MTOW

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