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ORP Wodnik class Training ship

Built in Northern Shipyard, Gdansk, a second ship (Gryf) is no longer operational and now serves as a pontoon / base ship and harbor-locked naval school of the Polish Navy. Training ships undertake long cruises with Polish Naval Academy midshipmen. ORP "Wodnik" during the Persian Gulf war (1990-91) operated as hospital ship. There was a platform for helicopter fitted. At present time ships, except the training missions as primary, are able to be base ships for small attack craft and submarines as well.

She is actively involved in the process of training future officers of the Navy. The ship conducted practice candidates to the Naval Academy midshipman training, practice, nawigacyjno after the second year of studies, the practice during which students examine the conditions of the Naval service. Cadets participate in the process of human resources command, training, technical specialist, the use of arms and long-term support mechanisms. Together with the crew they visit ports, and examine the emergency measures and rules of conduct in life-threatening conditions. Learning about the traditions of the Navy, they have the possibility of practical application "of the rules of procedure the service boats", "Ceremonies at sea" and "combat" Training Methodology. They take part in the boat races, paddling according to the rhythm, games and cultural activities. Participate in the patriotic festivities c with dignity on the seas of the world.

The aim of practical training is to familiarise the trainees with the essentials of sea environment, naval courtesy, ceremony and customs, and operation and employment of weapons and technical equipment of ships fighting means at sea. Future deck officers are trained to navigate during a long stay at sea aboard one of the following training ships: the ORP Gryf, the ORP Wodnik or the ORP Iskra. The potential officers-mechanics or electricians become familiar with the equipment of a power plant and principles of its operation in warships, technological, production and repair processes of the equipment at industrial plants.

The hull of the new school ship designed for the Higher Naval School was launched on 29 November 1975 in the Northern Yard in Gdansk. She was given the name of ORP Wodnik ["Aquarius". On 27 May 1976 the ceremonial raising of the flag Oksywiu was held for ORP "Aquarius" in the wartime port in Gdynia.

The hospital sanitarium has complete apparatus for saving life and performing surgical treatments. In 1990, as a result of the decision to include the Polish ORP Wodnik in the military contingent in the Gulf war, she was modernized so as to serve as a hospital ship. The ship was fitted out for the helicopter, and was painted white and bearing the marks of the Red Cross. The ship's war task was to remain available for evacuation of the wounded. She returned to Gdynia, 20 May 1991. In recognition of the merits of the crew, Saudi Arabia by Decree No c(2005) 5127 gave the crew members the medal "for the liberation of Kuwait". The voyage took 73 persons. After returning from the Gulf, she once again began his daily service in the Group of school ships of the Naval Academy.





28th of May 1976 3rd Ships Flotilla


26th of September 1976 3rd Ships Flotilla

Displacement 1745-1800 tons
Length 72.20-72.24 meters
Width 12 meters
Immersion medium 4 meters
  • two diesel engines
  • Zgoda - Sulzer 6TD48
  • each rated 1410 hp
  • 2 shafts, two adjustable screws;
  • speed 16.8 knots
    Swimming Coverage 7,800 M
    Crew 56-59 persons
    Crew school 75 midshipman and 12 teachers (other sources report +101 midshipmen)
    Aviationlanding platform for 1 light helicopter
  • two sets of marine artillery gun ZU-23-2 23 mm;
  • 2 machine guns WKM calibre 12,7 mm., or
  • 30mm guns- 1 (Wodnik) or 2 (Gryf)
  • ORP Wodnik class Training ship ORP Wodnik class Training ship ORP Wodnik class Training ship

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