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Project 258 ORP "Kormoran II"

The mine countermeasure vessel (MCMV) ORP Kormoran is the first new ship in over 20 years handed over to the Polish Navy, designed and built in Gdansk. The ship was built by a consortium consisting of the Remontowa Shipbuilding SA shipyard (leader), the entity belonging to the Remontowa Holding capital group and the research and development institution – Centrum Techniki Morskiej SA.

The ORP Kormoran minehunter emerged as a winner of the TOP Product Pomorskie 2018 (Top Product of the Pomorskie region) plebiscite organized by “Dziennik Baltycki” daily. Products and services created and manufactured in Pomerania competed for this prestigious title in several categories. The winners of the competition are chosen by the chapter.

The main task of the new Polish mine destroyers is to search for, classify, identify and combat marine mines and improvised, underwater explosives, recognize waterways, carry out units through mines of mine danger, mines and remote control of self-propelled anti-mine platforms. On the "Kormoran", like most other modern mine ships, the physical fields of the ship were significantly reduced. The ship is therefore silenced, which reduces the probability of excitation of acoustic fuses, and has a hull made of amagnetic steel - which in turn reduces the probability of excitation of magnetic fuses.

"Kormoran" is intended for searching, identifying and destroying marine mines. To this end, it was equipped with in sonars, unmanned Double Eagle submarines to detect and combat marine mines and Polish unmanned vehicles. A relatively large unit was built compared to its counterparts in Western countries, ORP "Kormoran" is 58.5 meters long, 10.3 meters wide and 830 tons displacement. The ship can sail at 15 knots, or 28 km / h, and has a range of 2,500 nautical miles, or about 4,500 kilometers. The "Cormorant" crew consists of 45 officers and seamen. This is the first new Polish ship for 20 years.

The main sensors used by ORP "Komoran" to detect and identify mines are sonars. A total of three types of such devices were used on the ship. The main sensor is undoubtedly the SHL-100 sub-field sonar developed by OBR CTM. This sonar allows you to search the space under the ship, but only to a certain depth. With unfavorable temperature distribution, it may happen that acoustic waves may bounce off a layer of water and do not reach the bottom, where mines can also be placed. Therefore, on the "Cormorant" an additional sonar was used, which can be left deep under the surface of the water, and in addition can be extended even several hundred meters forward - before the ship.

ORP "Kormoran" moves thanks to two Voit-Schneider cycloidal propulsors, driven by two MTU diesel engines with a power of 1000 kW - 1360 hp. They allow you to move at a speed of 15 in. The ship has very good maneuverability, also thanks to the use of the Schottel bow thruster. The mine destroyer can therefore rotate practically in place and maintain a fixed position at sea (thanks to the dynamic positioning system).

The standard ORP "Kormoran" range is 2500 Mm and the autonomy is 10 days. However, these parameters can be increased because the mine destroyer has the option of replenishing stocks of fuel, water and solid materials at sea. This can be done from another ship (using the RAS - Replenishment at sea for permanent cargo system placed on amidships) as well as from helicopters as part of the VERTREP (VERT ical REPlenishment ) operation.

ORP "Kormoran" is one of the three mine destroyers that will go to the Polish Navy. The remaining two will be named ORP "Albatros" and ORP "Mewa" and are to enter service by 2022. All these units are to hit the 13th Trafficker Squadron, which is part of the 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla.

The Polish Navy's first Kormorant II-class minehunter ORP Kormoran was commissioned at Gdynia on 28 November 2017. Kormoran (first of “Kormoran II” class), one of the most technologically advanced naval ships in Europe, was launched at Remontowa Shipbuilding on September 4, 2015. On July 13, 2016, the new MCMV to be delivered to Polish Navy under the name of ORP Kormoran, departed the shipyard and the port of Gdansk for trials in open waters of the Gdansk Bay and the Baltic Sea for the first time. Commencing a series of sea acceptance tests marks another important milestone in the well advancing construction at Remontowa Shipbuilding, member of the Remontowa Holding. The second 258 project Kormoran-class MCMV (258/2 vessel is to be called “Albatros”). This means that a production process begins now, and it is scheduled to end until 2020. The second series-production vessel (“Mewa” - and third vessel of the class) is to be handed off two years later. The agreement itself, signed on 27th December 2017 at the MoD, concerns delivery of two project 258 Kormoran II Mine Countermeasure Vessels along with three logistics support packages, including one for the first vessel, the ORP “Kormoran” class prototype.

The ship was built by a consortium consisting of the Remontowa Shipbuilding SA shipyard (leader), the entity belonging to the Remontowa Holding capital group and the research and development institution – Centrum Techniki Morskiej SA. The ship’s design was created by Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting. During the construction, an innovative technology was used to manufacture the hull of amagnetic steel. It ran in a sterile, controlled industrial process of the 21st century and controlled ambient conditions. Centrum Techniki Morskiej SA developed and delivered an Integrated Combat System, including: a ship command support subsystem, passive defense system, underwater observation system, including hydro-location stations and mine destruction charges.

Prefabrication and assembly of the sections, blocks and of the hull takes place in Gdansk, due to the need to meet specific requirements related to use of non-magnetic steel. For that reason the build process must be taking place at a special hall ensuring proper, controlled conditions related to temperature, humidity and air purity.

It caught the attention of other countries that are interested "... representatives of five different countries - partly from NATO), partly from outside NATO - have expressed keen interest in Kormoran. - said the chairman of the shipyard Remontowa Shipbuilding Piotr Dowzenko in an interview with Radio Gdansk . "Some have even come to this case, some have talked about it at the level of naval commanders. Of course, this requires further quite long conversations, but I think that Kormoran as a modern product has export potential. I think, however, that this interest will increase significantly after the unit's entry into service - says Piotr Dowzenko. According to unofficial transactions, ORP "Kormoran" is mainly interested in the Baltic States.

Ship List
Name # Yard Laid
Launch Comm Decomm Notes
# Kormoran Remontowa
15 Sep
03 Sep
# Albatros Remontowa
# Mewa Remontowa

displacement:up to 850 t
length overall58.50 m
length b.p.55.58 m
breadth max.10.30 m
breath at waterline9.75 m
depth (at forecastle)6.40 m
depth (aft main deck)4.70 m
design draft2.7 m
propulsion and machinery
diesel engines2 × MTU 8V369TE74L o mocy po 1000 kW (1360 KM)
cycloidal propulsors2 × Voith-Schneider
generating sets3 × MTU 6R1600M20S o mocy elektrycznej po 380 kVA
bow thruster100 kW
maximum speed 15 knots
sailing range > 2500 Nm
complement45 persons
additional persons accommodated7 persons

ORP Kormoran MCM ORP Kormoran MCM ORP Kormoran MCM

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