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ORP "Baltyk" Tanker project ZP-1200M

Fuel tanker (Baltyk class) built in 1987-91 in Naval Shipyard in Gdynia. Replenishes at sea navy ships with petrol, oil lubricants(POL), and transports stores, distributes POL and other goods. Lubricating/fuel tanker supply materials project ZP-1200M, is the largest unit of this class serving in the Navy. From the time of the incarnation to serve on a number of modernisation, he underwent 11.03.1991 which aimed to adapt it to work with all types of ships and squadrons of Polish NATO oil tanker "-1", as one of the first ships of the MW RP, was dedicated to the rapid reaction force.

In the years 1998-2006 passes through successive stages of modernisation, to adapt its capacities to cooperate with national and NATO forces squadrons. The main aim was to bring her to a cooperation opportunities with other squadrons in underway replenishment method to enable the transfer of fuel, water and solid stocks weighing up to 250 kg at a speed of 12 knots. Application of the American-style of along-side under-way horizontal transmission of cargo, was also linked with the cross vertical by helicopters on-board ships, cooperating in order to extend the capacity of cargo handling in loads weighing more than 250 kg. Originally the platform project ZP-1200 did not stipulate the restock in this traverse method, but used a snake beam towed behind the ship for replenishment, the style originated by Germany in World War II.



ORP "Baltyk"

11th of March 1991

Overall length 84,7-84,75 meters
Overall width 13,07-13,1 meters
The height of the lateral 5,30 meters
Draft max 4,80 meters
Max displacement 2984 -3021.9 t
Load max 1521,9 t
Max load capacity 1341,2 t
Propulsion 2 engines Cegielski-Sulzer 2010 horse power each;
Speed max 15 in
Range / Endurance Economic 12-2000 km the food Item. ok. 3000 kg Item of drinking water 15,75 m3 (odsalacz) TANKS: Volume (m3) 1. Tank water No IX. 133,20 2. Drinking water tank No IX. 4 15,75 3. the expansion tank water cooling generator 0,05 4. Sanitary sewage tank no VIII. 3 13,70 5. Sanitary sewage tank no VIII. 4 13,70 6. Water tank zezowej no VIII. 1 11,30 7. Sanitary waste water tank 6,20

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