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MKE Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution

In order to plan and economically produce and market all types of weapons, ammunition, explosives, machinery, equipment and materials manufacturing capacities in accordance with development plans and annual programs, in the field of manufacturing industry, taking into consideration profitability and efficiency principles, according to defense and civil defense needs The activities are listed below:

  • To manufacture or repair, modify and repair all kinds of weapons, ammunition and explosive materials and equipments, machines and systems for military necessities,
  • Manufacture, modify, repair and repair machinery, materials, installations, motorized and non-motorized vehicles and equipment, tools and spare parts and the like,
  • To carry out projects, consultancy works, to establish facilities related to the fields of activity and to produce the energy that is required by the enterprises, to make cooperation and participation with domestic and foreign organizations from domestic and foreign institutions regarding the above activity subjects and the like,
  • To make licenses, technical know-how and similar agreements,
  • To carry out research and development studies in the fields of activities,
  • To establish all kinds of new institutions and partnerships related to the field of activity of the entity and to participate in those established or to liquidate existing institutions, partnerships, subsidiaries,
  • To collect, evaluate and use all kinds of mines, materials, tools and equipments which are separated by governmental authorities, economic state establishments, institutions and subsidiaries, international bilateral agreements,
  • Importing and supplying all kinds of commodities and materials necessary for manufacturing and sales,
  • To engage in trade, to export and to import and to import,
  • If necessary, to open an office in the country and abroad, to establish an agency, head office, dealership, to establish an internal insurance fund and make an insurance agency, To be involved in other activities related to activity subjects.

In addition to this mission defined in its main status, the Agency, which is headquartered in Ankara, has also appointed itself in Defense Industry of our country to increase domestic contribution and to produce new products for the needs of Turkish Armed Forces.

The MKE Institution, which continues its activities in line with these targets; Iron and steel, chemistry and machinery manufacturing, leading to the creation of an EKOL in the development of our country's industry, and we have assumed the role of LOKOMOTIF in our industry.

In this scope;

  • In the 1940s, it produced the world's finest barrel tanks and barrels.
  • Again in the 1950's, the first aircraft was manufactured and exported.
  • Railway rolling in Turkey, iron and steel sheet products and rice production were initiated for the first time in our Institution.
  • Machine tools, agricultural tools, textile machines, steel tube, battery gear and gear box, bandage and monoblock plants, electricity meters and so on. The productions were first realized in Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution.

The MKE Institution, which is the foundation of the Turkish defense industry, has a historical background that can be traced back to the 15th century Ottoman Empire under different names and statues. The foundation of the foundation is the Top Dökümhane which was founded by Fatih Sultan Mehmet after the conquest of Istanbul. Tophane, at that time named "Top Asithanesi", continued its activity until the last years of the Ottoman Empire.


  • Tophane-i Amire Müsirlik, (1832)
  • Tophane-i Amire Minister's Office, (1908)
  • Production-i Harbiye Mühüriyeti Umumiyesi, (1909)
  • General Directorate of Military Plants, (1921)
  • General Directorate of MKE Institution (1950)

As an organization that continues its economic and commercial activities under its titles.

The Ottoman Defense Industry, which is in a position as strong as the 17th century, has not been able to follow the technological developments in Europe since the 18th century and has largely lost its effectiveness after World War I.

For this reason, in the first years of the Republic, there is no serious infrastructure for the defense industry. The facilities in this area are the small manufactures around the city of Ankara during the War of Independence, which is the transfer of the workshops and benches from occupied Istanbul to Anatolia.

The staff that realized the War of Independence, which is aware of the fact that the defense industry is an important part of the total industrialization and development, predicted that in the first planned period industrialization and therefore the defense industry would be directed by the state. In this context, "Military Factory General Directorate" was established in 1921. The establishment of an integrated weapons industry in Kirikkale for the development of the defense industry was first dealt with at the Izmir Economy Congress.

The conclusion of the studies initiated in line with these views and decisions;

  • Light Weapons and Ball Repair Workshops in Ankara in 1924, Fisek and Carpenter Plants,
  • Rice Factory in Kirikkale in 1928,
  • In 1928, the Electrical Machinery Plant in Kirikkale,
  • In 1929, the Ammunition Factory in Kirikkale,
  • In 1931, Kayas Capsule Factory in Ankara,
  • Steel Factory in Kirikkale in 1931,
  • Mamak Gas Mask Plant for Gas Mask production in Ankara in 1935,
  • Gunluk, Rifle and Ball Factory in Kirikkale in 1936,

These factories are the foundation of today's MKE Institution.

Within this scope, not only in the field of defense industry, but also in the civilian area, the first production of many products was realized in the premises of the Authority. For example, UGUR 44, the first motor produced by the MKE Authority in 1950, is the first Turkish Airplane. This is also the first railway rolling mill, the first sheet metal products and brass materials, machine tools, special steel rolling mill, iron and ductile iron foundry, electricity meters, agricultural combat tools, textile machines, gear and gearbox manufacturing plants, It is among the first.

To make the military factories active, to provide a structure that will address both the civilian and military sectors, to provide quality products, to meet the needs of the TSK in a safe and stable manner, to produce high technology, war weapons and vehicles in the country and to build infrastructure for it in order to establish production facilities, March 8, 1950 dated and 5591 numbered (repealed) Military Factories My Office transferred the entire property to be covered by all of the capital with the law state Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation has been established.

Since the mid-1950s, the Agency has been required to be able to overcome the problems brought by this situation and to enter into industrial areas that are not able to enter the private sector, develop poorly and create a bottleneck in the economy as an effective entrepreneur.

In this context, the Authority, which has appointed itself with the aim of eliminating the risk arising from the ambiguity of the defense industry as well as pioneering the newly developing country's industry (in this context, the Turkish Tractor Factory, Trakmak, Tofas Automobile Factory, Tofas Auto Trade, Tügsas, Nitromak, Has established a school with a human power trained for industry and a school with technological power.

The investments made by the institution especially between the years 1960-2010, the contribution of the private sector capital participation and the contribution to the economy of the country has reached important dimensions. With these investments, new products have been gained, significant foreign exchange savings have been made, and our country has been leading the defense and private sector.

The Decree Law No. 2353 dated 18/06/1984 entered into force with the aim of unifying the private establishment law No. 5591, the Decree Law No. 105 (KHK), and the KHDs, which had been abolished from the date of enforcement and included the MKE Corporation, under a single legislation.

The institution has been removed from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is the Ministry since 1950, and in 2000 it became the relevant organization of the Ministry of National Defense.

These developments are reflected in the MKE Institution; It was in the form of giving up the production for the private sector and directing all its capabilities and capabilities to the needs of the TSK. From companies making production towards the market: Anpil Inc was liquidated in 1998, Elsa A.S. In 1999 it was transformed into a business status, Etag, Taksan, Tümosan, Asil Çelik A.S. was founded in 1998 by Çelbor A.S. was transferred to the Head of the Privatization Administration in 2001.

The institution is currently;

  • Central Organization
  • 2 Business Administration
  • 10 Factory Directorates

The institution is currently; Effective, dynamic and productive work, TSK meets all of the traditional weapon needs and contributes to our country's industry with its increased capacity and facilities.

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