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105 LG1 - 105mm Light Towed Gun

The LG1 is a modern 105 mm towed howitzer designed and produced by GIAT Industries (now Nexter group) of France. The light towed 105mm gun is fully adapted tobe used by rapid deployment units. Lightness, ruggedness and ease of handling are its major operational assets. In operation, the 105 LG1 has proven its unequalled reliability, mobility, maneuverability and firepower. Today, it makes an ideal fire support weapon for troops engaged under all climatic conditions, including on the most difficult terrain. It can fire all compatible ammunition available within NATO, such as the US M1 or the extended range HE ER G3 from Nexter Munitions (more than 17km).

The LG1 105 mm lightweight towed field gun developed by the French concern GIAT (at the initiative of the company) in the late 1980s with the aim of using it in special forecs units, including French rapid deployment forces (FAR), instead of the 105 mm American M101 and Italian M56 howitzers then in use. In 1987, the first three cannon samples were made, and its mass production began three years later (36 units were produced before 1991).

The LG1 (short for Light Gun) is a semi-automatic weapon. It has a barrel-monoblock without autofrettage with a rifled channel ending in a two-chamber muzzle brake. The vertical wedge gate opens downwards and includes a semi-automatic action mechanism. The gun is equipped with a hydropneumatic recoil device, a manual hydraulic pump used for breeding beds, as well as a small shield cover moving along with the barrel in a vertical plane. Guidance of the gun in the vertical and horizontal planes is carried out manually, the rotary knobs of the guidance mechanisms are located on the left side of the gun. Also on the left side is the bracket for the installation of mechanical and optical sights. In the firing position, the gun is on a circular platform of fire,

Nexter developed the 105-mm howitzer LG1 specifically for the export market and the obvious needs of rapidly deployable units. LG1 is adapted for air transportation both aboard the aircraft and in suspension under the helicopter. LG1 can be towed by any lightweight all-terrain vehicle or transported on a light helicopter suspension, four guns can be transported by C-130 military transport aircraft. Before a road march, the barrel of the gun is rotated 180 and attached to the beds. Taking into account the small mass and dimensions of the gun, it can be used in difficult terrain conditions for the destruction of light fortifications, combat vehicles, as well as enemy firing positions.

Cartridge shots (unitary) with high-explosive fragmentation projectile are used for firing: normal (maximum range - 11 680 m), with bottom deepening (15 000 m) and with a gas generator (17 500 m), as well as with an armor-piercing plastic shell. Nexter offers an optional system for the artillery environment (ballistic computer and inertial positioning and laying system) which is simple and adapted to flexible use of the equipment. The 105 LG1 can be integrated in all Fire Control Systems (all types of C3I system, etc).

The gun has been used by the Belgian Army, Canadian Army, Colombian National Army, Indonesian Marine Corps, Singapore Army, and the Royal Thai Army. An improved version of the LG1 Mk II was bought by Belgium (14 guns), Canada (28), Indonesia (20) and Thailand (24 armies and 30 marines). The Singaporean Army retired its LG1 guns after the Light Weight Howitzers 155-mm light-weight howitzer, which began in 2005, from ST Kinetics Pegasus. Current service version with Malaysian artillery is the LG1 Mk III fully digitised light howitzer, of which 18 were purchased for the Malaysian Army.

The Indonesian government prepared a preliminary financing plan for the procurement of weapons and military equipment in 2018. The main acquisition was the purchase of three 105-mm cannon divisions, two of which were intended to replace the existing obsolete 76-mm guns of two divisions of the Ground Forces, and the third to form a new naval naval infantry division. The type of the purchased guns - the 105-mm light towed howitzer LG-1 Mk.3. The cost of two battalions of 105 mm towed guns for the NE will amount to 729 billion indonsian rupees ($ 54.8 million) and one division for the ILC - 364.5 million indonenian rupees ($ 27.4 million).

It is expected that the first batch of 6 howitzers of the NE of Malaysia will be received in November 2019, deliveries of all howitzers will be completed by February 2020. The first two guns will be assembled in France, the remaining 16 units. - on ADS Sdn Bhd. The new 105-mm howitzer LG-1 Mk.3 will go into service with the 1st Artillery Regiment of the 10th Airborne Brigade.

caliber 105mm
Weight 1450kg < 1,600kg
TransportBy helicopter, air transport (4 guns per C130), airportable, can be towed by a wide range of light4x4 vehicles
Gun length, m 6.7
Barrel length, m 3.15 (30 calibers)
Gun width, m 1.89
Height, m ??1.62
Clearance, m 0.32
In-plane angle, degree:
vertical from -5 to +70
horizontal 40
Gun crew5 - 7
  • Inertial positioning and laying system
  • Optional Ballistic computer
  • Time to put in and out of actionLess than 30 seconds
    Firing rate12 rounds/minute
    Range US M1: from 1 to 11km
    Nexter HE ER G3: from 7 to 17km
    STATUSQualified by the French Army and in service with six Foreign Armies on three continents.

    105 LG1 - 105mm Light Towed Gun 105 LG1 - 105mm Light Towed Gun 105 LG1 - 105mm Light Towed Gun

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