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Aselsan Korkut-FCS 35mm Towed Air Defense

The Turkish armed forces continue to take delivery of the modernized version of 35mm towed air defense system mounted on a four wheel trailer. KORKUT-FCS Air Defense Platoon is designed for effective short range air defense of military bases and critical assets against modern threats of today’s battlefield. Typical KORKUT-FCS Air Defense Platoon is composed of one KORKUT FCS, two towed air defense guns and one Low Altitude Air Defense Missile Launching System. The original GDF-003B twin-barreled was produced under license by the Turkish company MKEK.

Korkut is a common name in Turkish meaning "to frighten" - "let them be afraid from you". One of the oldest surviving pieces of Turkish literature, The Book of Dede Korkut can be traced to tenth-century origins. Now considered the national epic of Turkey, the Turkish equivalent of "The Song of Roland" or the "Iliad of the Turks" is the heritage of the ancient Oghuz Turks and was composed as they migrated westward from their homeland in Central Asia to the Middle East, eventually to settle in Anatolia. Who its primary creator was no one knows, the titular bard, Dede Korkut, being more a symbol of Turkish minstrelsy than a verifiable author. The songs and tales of countless minstrels lay behind The Book of Dede Korkut, and in its oral form the epic was undoubtedly subject to frequent improvisation by individual performers. Partly in prose, partly in verse, these legends were sung or chanted in the courts and camps of political and military leaders. Even after they had been recorded in written form, they remained part of an oral tradition.

In scope of the modernization program, electronic subsystems are renewed with high performance ASELSAN products including servo drivers, fire control computer, power distribution subsystem and power generator. In addition to the performance improvements, reliability, availability and maintainability figures of the guns shall improve. Modernized 35 mm Towed Air Defense Guns will gain the capability of using Airburst Ammunition. With use of Airburst Ammunition, guns shall become effective against a large variety of target types including air to ground missiles, cruise missiles, UAVs, etc.

The Aselsan 35mm is upgraded to be more efficient against current aerial threats including air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles, and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The 35mm cannons are now able to fire airburst ammunition produced by Aselsan. The concept of air burst ammunition came up in order to increase the efficiency of the gun systems against air-to-surface missiles, UAV’s, etc. The idea is basically to create a cloud of particles that have high kinetic energy and penetration capability on the path of the threat and be able to hit targets that are very difficult to hit with the classical ammunitions.

The new modernized 35mm air defense gun system can be controlled without any human intervention thanks to the use of a Firing and Command Control System. The system is armed with two 35 mm cannons able to fire at a rate of 550 rounds/minute. The modernized version of the 35mm air defense gun system can be controlled by a new Fire and Control command station which is also based on a four-wheeled trailer. The system is able to control three 35mm gun weapon systems.

The Fire and Command Control System will undertake the mission of command control of the air defense gun systems and short-range missile systems. The system will have 3D search radar, fire control radar, electro-optical (E/O) sensors, threat evaluation, and weapon allocation capability. This system also developed by ASELSAN will be able to detect the target, identify friend or foe and track the target by its own sub-systems. Air Defense Fire Control System will be used instead of the old D-IX system by the Turkish Armed Forces.

  • 2 x 550 rounds/min (1100 rounds/min in total) firing rate with 2 x 35 mm air defense guns.
  • Ammunition types: 35 mm Airburst Ammunition, HEI, TP-T
  • Integrated Power Supply Unit
  • Improved User Interface
  • Hardware operating with low voltage power supply
  • Battery pack supporting short term operation when power supply unit is shut off
  • Possibility of operation with external power supply
  • Accurate and reliable servo control, actuator, power distribution and fire control sub-systems for superior performance against modern air threats including air-toground missiles, cruise missiles, UAVs, etc.

    Aselsan KORKUT-FCS 35mm Towed Air Defense Aselsan KORKUT-FCS 35mm Towed Air Defense Aselsan KORKUT-FCS 35mm Towed Air Defense Aselsan KORKUT-FCS 35mm Towed Air Defense Aselsan KORKUT-FCS 35mm Towed Air Defense Aselsan KORKUT-FCS 35mm Towed Air Defense

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