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The Nornen-class consists of five vessels that became operative from 2006 to 2008. The vessels operate near the coast in each of their zone along the coastline. The vessels are: KV Nornen (W330), KV Farm (W331), KV Heimdal (W332), KV Njord (W333) and KV Tor (W334). Skipsteknisk AS designed these new coastguard ships. Design type is ST-610 and it is classified in Det Norske Veritas + 1A1, E0, Ice-1C, Dynpos AUTS.

The diesel-electric propulsion propellers are controlled by frequency converters. Therefore, it is not traditional main engines but generating sets on board. 1. Generator set consists of Cummins 6CTA8,3D (M) diesel engine of 201 kW prime power with Marelli 200 kW 440 V 60 Hz generator. The 2nd generation set consists of a Cummins KTA19DM1 diesel engine, 19 liters, 650 bhp / 485 kW with the Marelli 490kW 440V 60Hz generator. Deck machinery is supplied by Hydrakraft AS and consists of a 35-tonne sleigh winch, two capstans, two anchor winches and a 10-ton chewing winch. Streaming NME has delivered two knuckle cranes of 3t / 5m load at max. 1t / 10m. Navigation and communication animals are provided by Emil Langva AS. The rescue aid is from Brude Safety AS and Maritime Partner has delivered quick inspection boats.

The vessel is equipped with two fast-moving light boats, a Fast Rescue Daughter Craft (FRDC) with superstructure, full navigation package and accommodation option. This covered boat will be small and fast, with a speed of up to 50 knots. "The boat will come to places where the main vessel is too big. The vessel has good towing equipment, so it can participate in connection with oil spillage and has fixed oil lubrication and other collecting noise. A fire cannon must also be installed. 360-degree camera is installed both front and rear. From here, images and information can be transferred to the Central Rescue Center, the Operations Center and the Joint Operational Headquarters of J eight with a single keystroke.

The "Nornen" has a crew of 11 people, but has a cabin for 20, so that police, customs personnel and other partners can sometimes live and work aboard. There are two operating rooms on board and, as such, the ship becomes an excellent platform for search and rescue management and also in emergencies.

The Norwegian Coast Guard initially took the Nornen Class vessels on charter from Remøy Management and later acquired the vessels. Remøy Management provides civilian crew and technical support for the vessels under an agreement with the Coast Guard.

The vessels are largely named after various figures of Norse mythology [strangely, the name "Farm" seems to have no such lofty meaning]. Thor was one of the most important and famous gods in Norse mythology. He was the son of Odin and Fyorgyn, the earth goddess. Thor was considered the storm-weather god of sky and thunder and also a fertility god. Njord is the God of the wind and fertility as well as the sea and merchants at sea and therefore was invoked before setting out to sea on hunting.

The norns, or goddesses of fate, the weird sisters, were Urd, Verdande and Skuld, corresponding to Past, Present and Future, or what has been, what is, and what is to be. They ruled the fate of the world, and allotted to every man his term of life. A kind disposition is often ascribed to the first two norns, an evil one to the third. The latter is at times called " the youngest;" therefore they were of different ages, Urd being the eldest. In the Edda it is distinctly stated that there are good and bad norns; and although only three are named, there must have been more of them. Well known is the story of the Sleeping Beauty (Dornrdschen) and the twelve wise women: the thirteenth had been overlooked, and revenged herself. There is a great number of fairy tales of the same description. In the Norse traditions, Urd, the eldestnorn, seems to be the mightiest; while in Greek mythology, Atropos, the fate of the future, who cuts the thread, appears to be the most powerful.

The northern god Heimdal (Heimdallr) name could mean both Illuminator mundi and Illuminator domi. The myths described him as born of nine giant maidens, all sisters, at the brim of the earth. The mothers were the nine daughters of the sea giant AEgir, son of giant Forniot; they were the Waves of the sea. Heimdal was the whitest of the gods; he dwelt at the calm abode of Heaven's-Mountains (mountain-like cloud formations at sunrise?). Here he was the sentinel of the gods guarding the bridge Bifryst against their born enemies, the Rock-giants. He was nurtured by the might of the earth, and the chilly-cold sea. Heimdal was exceeding mighty, stately of weapons, possessed of a trumpet that lay hidden under that root of Yggdrasil's-Ash which spread unto the confines of Rime-giants' realm. This horn Heimdal blows loud to wake the gods, when the coalition of the Powers of Evil march out to their destruction. Striking affinities existed between Heimdal and Helios on one hand, and Heimdal (Heimdal-Rig) and the Indian Fire-god Agni, on the other.

Manufacturer Gryfia shipyard, Poland
(length)47.2 metres
(width)10.3 metres
(draught) 4.3 metres
Displacement 675 tonnes
Armament One 12.7 mm machine gun
Built 2006–2008

Ship List
Name # Port Laid
Launch Comm Decomm Notes
W330 KV «Nornen» 200x
W331 KV «Farm» 200x
W332 KV «Heimdal» 200x
W333 KV «Njord» 200x
W334 KV «Tor» 200x

Nornen-class Nornen-class Nornen-class


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