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ITP - Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S.A.

ITP is one of the most important companies in the Spanish aerospace sector. Created in 1989, ITP’s shareholders consist of private and public Spanish entities (53 percent participation) and Rolls Royce PLC (46 percent participation). ITP is present mainly in the aircraft gas-turbine engine industry, where it is involved in R&D, design and maintenance. In 2007, ITP’s sales exceeded $616 million, a 1.1 percent jump from the previous year.10 Prior to 1990, ITP’s main engine maintenance facility in Ajalvir (Madrid) belonged to EADS CASA, and is therefore highly experienced in engine repair and overhaul.

Since 1959, this facility has catered to the needs of U.S. clients such as General Electric, Honeywell Garrett and Pratt & Whitney, and has completed several engine maintenance contracts for the U.S. military in Europe. ITP is one of the main developers of the EJ200 engine for the Eurofighter Typhoon.

The low-pressure turbine is one of ITP’s main products, and where it has centered most of its investments in recent years. ITP holds 8.1 percent of the world’s portfolio of these subsystems for large reactor engines via its participation in the Trent 500, in its final stages of launch, and the Trent 900, which drives the Airbus 380. The Trent 900 made its maiden long-distance flight in 2005 and began service in 2006. ITP has development programs for each of the following engines: the turboprop TP400 with its 10.000CV (through the European Europrop International Consortium) and the Turboshaft MTRI 390 with its 1000CV (for the consortium MTRI, which will drive the Tiger helicopter in its improved version). Both shared the same delivery date for the first production engines in 2008.

ITP is highly interested in developing partnerships with U.S. firms in maintenance of gas turbines and is currently seeking U.S. firms specializing in avionics equipment, communication systems, aviation fuel suppliers, testing systems and pre-assembled parts.

ITP’s main Engine Engineering and Manufacture programs include:

  • EJ200 (Eurojet) for the TYPHOON
  • Trent 1000 (Rolls-Royce) for 7E7
  • Trent 900 (Rolls-Royce) for Airbus 380
  • Trent 800 (Rolls-Royce) Boeing 777
  • Trent 700 (Rolls-Royce) Airbus 330
  • Trent 500 (Rolls-Royce) for Airbus 340-600 y 500
  • Atar Plus (Snecma) for Mirage
  • BR 710 (Rolls-Royce Deutschland) for Global Express GV and others
  • BR 715 (Rolls-Royce Deutschland) for Boeing 717
  • TF 50 (Vericor Power Systems) industrial and marine engine
  • Allison 601, (Rolls Royce North America) industrial engine
  • Tobera Vectorial (ITP) for the Eurofighter Typhoon
  • TP400 (EPI) Airbus A400M
  • AS907 (Honeywell) for Bombardier
  • F135 (Pratt & Whitney) for F35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • MTR390-E (EADS-EUROCOPTER) for Tiger helicopter

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