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Kimon [ex-Adams] Destroyers

Four Adams-class destroyers were leased from the United States Navy in 1992 and placed in the Greek Kimon class. In order to modernize its fleet during the 1990s, Greece purchased a number of vessels from Europe and the United States. Four ADAMS class destroyers and three KNOX class frigates, which use 1200 psi steam boilers for their steam turbine propulsion plant, were purchased from the United States. Each ADAMS class vessel had four 1200 psi steam boilers and each KNOX class vessel had two 1200 psi steam boilers. A total of twenty-two 1200 psi steam boilers were in use by the Hellenic Navy in the 1990s. Quality in maintenanceof these boilers was the prime concern for readiness, safety, and cost reduction.

The KIMON, the first of the series, formerly USS Semmes-DDG18, was built in 1960 in the Avondale Marine Ways, Inc., New Orleans, La, launhced on 20-5-1961 and joined the US. Navy at 10-12-1962. The raising of the Greek flag was at 12-9-1991 in Philadelphia, Pa and the ship arrived in Greece on 27-5-1992. The name "KIMON" was given in honour of Athenian Admiral Kimon, who acted during the era of the Greco-Persian wars. The name "KIMON" brought the following ships: s) destroyer Fletcher and type b) ships of the Struggle of Andreas Miaoulis, Emmanuel and Iakovos Tombazis, Anargyroy Lebessi, Theodorakis and Reader Kriemadi Reader.

The NEARChOS, second series, former USS Waddel-DDG24, was built in 1962 in Todd Shipyard Inc., Seattle, Wash., launched on 26-12-1963 and joined the US Navy on 28-8-1964. The raising of the Greek flag was on 1-10-92 in San Diego, Cal and the ship sailed to Greece on 30-11-92. The name "NEARCHOS" was given in honor of Admiral of Alexander the great, who was the first to sail the shores of the Indian Ocean until the present Persian Gulf. The name "NEARCHOS" had been given previously in type destroyer Fletcher.

The FORMIWN, third in the series, formerly USS Joseph Strauss-DDG16, was built in 1960 in the New York Shipbuilding Corp. New York, N.Y., launched on 9-12-1961 and joined the US. Navy on 20-4-1963. The raising of the Greek flag was on 1-10-92 in San Diego, CAL. and the ship arrived in Greece on 22-12-92. The name "FORMIWN" was given in honor of Athenian Admiral Formiwna who lived at the time of Pericles and took part in the battle of the Athenians against the Samians the year 440 BC the name "FORMIWN" was not used in ship of the Navy in the past.

Berkeley (DDG-15) was laid down on 1 June 1960 at Camden, N.J., by the New York Shipbuilding Corp.; launched on 29 July 1961. In light of the defense budget cutbacks following the end of the Cold War, the US Navy made its 1990 decision to retire 54 ships. Thus, Berkeley was tapped for deactivation and eventual foreign transfer. Inactivated at San Diego on 1 May 1992, she spent the summer preparing for transfer to the Greek Navy. Berkeley was decommissioned at San Francisco on 30 September 1991, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 October 1991. She was transferred to the Hellenic Navy that same day and served as Themistoklis (D 221).


Displacement (typical) 3,370 t
Displacement (full load) 4,825 t
Dimensions 113.9 x 14.32 x 6.1 m
Crew 340
Propulsion 4 x Boilers
2 x Geared Turbines x 26,100 kW
2 shafts
Maximum Speed 31.5 kts
Range 1,600 nm @ 30 kts, 6,000 nm @ 14 kts
Sonar Suite AN/SQS-23 with DE 1191
Fire Control System Mk114, Mk68 with AN/SPG-53 radar, Mk74 with AN/SPG-51 radar and CWI, WDS, WDE
ESM Suite AN/SLQ-32
ECM Mk36 SRBOC, T.Mk6 Fanfare
Air Radar 3D AN/SPS-52, 2D AN/SPS40
Surface Radar AN/SPS-10, LN-66
Aviation n/a
Weapon Systems 2 x Mk42 127 mm/54 cal.
1 x Mk13 x 40 SM-1MR (RIM-66B) SAM or AGM-84 Harpoon SSM
1 x Mk16 x 8 RUR-5 ASROC
2 x Mk32 x 3 324 mm Torpedo Tubes

Number Name US Commissioned GR Commissioned De-Commissioned Notes
D218 Kimon 12/10/1962 1991 Ex-USN USS Semmes (DDG 18)
D219 Nearchos 08/28/1964 1991 Ex-USN USS Waddell (DDG 24)
D220 Formion 04/20/1963 1992 Ex-USN USS Joseph Strauss (DDG 16)
D221 Themistocles 12/15/1962 1992 Ex-USN USS Berkeley (DDG 15)

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