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Marine Nationale - 1860-1890 - Late 19th Century

Class Year Tonnage 1860 1865 1870 1875 1880 1885 1890
Armored Battleships / Ironclads (Squadron) / Cuirasse d'Escadre
Neptune, Formidable, Hoche, Magenta, Amiral Baudiu, Brennus, Requin, Marceau
Ironclads (Coastal)
Armored Gunboats
Cocyte, Phlegeton, Styx, Grenade
Armored Cruiser / Croiseur-Cuirasse
Dupuy de Lome
Deck Protected Cruisers
Tage, Cecille
Cruisers, 1st Class
Jean Bart, Alger, Isly
Cruisers, 2nd Class
Davoust, Suchet
Cruisers, 3rd Class
Sureouf, Forbin, Tronde, Lalund, Cosmao, Coetlogon
Torpedo Cruiser
Avisos [advice boat / dispatch boat]
Bengali, Lezard, Cigogne
Torpedo Avisos [torpedo advice boat / dispatch boat]
Sainte Barbe, Salve
Torpedo Eclaireur [Torpedo Scout]
Torpedo Boats
Nos. 75-88, 101-129
Avisos, 1st Class [advice boat / dispatch boat]
Avisos, 2nd Class [advice boat / dispatch boat]

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