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Troupes de Marine / Navy Troops

Infanterie de MarineInfanterie de Marine (Marine Infantry), formerly called Infanterie Coloniale, are part of the Army (Armée de Terre), and are, with the Legion, in the first line when France sent troops overseas. Nowadays, Marine troops consist of Marine Infantry Regiment (RIMA - Régiment d'Infanterie de Marine), Marine Artillery (Artillerie de Marine), the Infantry Regiment of Tanks Marine (RICM - Chars de Marine). Marine troops wear an anchor patch. In France the Infantry Marines (Infanterie de Marine) are known in French as marsouins, allegedly because, like porpoises, they accompany ships without really being part of the crew.

Navy troops were formed for overseas garrison. The soldiers unite around a single symbol, the anchor of gold. Their natural vocation is to serve overseas and abroad. Originally formed for overseas garrison, Navy troops there gained a culture of openness to the world. In addition, distant missions demanded of this weapon covers areas of various specialties (combat infantry and armour, fire support, communications...) the exercise of which, today, reinforces a former experience of professionalization. Transcending the concept of control of military techniques, Navy troops to unite around a single symbol, the anchor of gold, mark to a clean style which the essential traits are:

  • a brotherhood of arms, a state of mind maintained by simple and warm human relationships between companions of weapon,
  • a Faculty of adaptation to the more unusual situations, real life style, product history and repeated operational experiences.
  • a "military humanism", culture including perpetuating this ability to establish contacts with people the most various and win their confidence. These strong identity values give meaning to the commitment of the porpoise and the bigors and always based the natural vocation of Navy service overseas and foreign troops.
Units component of marine troops :
  • Regiment of March of Chad Meyenheim (APS)
  • tanks of marine infantry regiment (RICM) of Poitiers
  • Regiment of infantry of Navy of the Pacific-New Caledonia Noumea (RIMaP-NC)
  • Regiment of infantry of Navy Pacific-Polynesia Papeete (RIMaP-P)
  • 1st marine Regiment (1er RAMa) of Laon
  • 1Er marine infantry parachute regiment (1er forces) of Bayonne
  • 1Er marine infantry regiment (RIMa 1er ) of Angoulême
  • 11E marine artillery regiment (11e RAMa) of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier
  • 2e marine infantry parachute regiment (2nd forces) of Pierrefonds (Réunion)
  • 2(E) marine infantry regiment (RIMa 2e ) le mans
  • 21(E) marine infantry regiment (RIMa 21e ) Fréjus
  • 3E marine Regiment (3e RAMa) in Canjuers
  • 3e marine infantry parachute regiment (3e forces) of Carcassonne
  • 3(e) marine infantry regiment (3e RIMa) of valves
  • 5e régiment interarmes overseas (5e RIAOM) in Djibouti
  • 6(E) marine infantry battalion (6e BIMa) Libreville (Gabon)
  • 8e marine infantry parachute regiment (8e forces) of Castres
  • 9(E) marine infantry regiment (RIMa 9e ) Cayenne (French Guiana)
  • 33rd marine infantry regiment (33rd RIMa) of Martinique
  • 41st marine infantry battalion (41st BIMa) of Guadeloupe
  • military school of specialization of the foreign and overseas (EMSOME) of Rueil-Malmaison

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