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FIEP (Association of European
Gendarmaries with Military Status and Police Forces)

FIEP is an international organization which symbolizes the first letters of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal and at the beginning was founded for the purpose of strengthening the cooperation between the Gendarmeries of the mentioned countries. Today, the permanent members of the Union are the Gendarmeries of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Morocco and Romania. Argentina and Chile are the associate members.

Gendarmerie General Command became "observer member" at the Commanders/Directors Summit Meeting held in Lisbon on 21 October 1997 and "permanent member" at the Summit Meeting held in Madrid on 20 October 1998.

In order to diversify and enrich the current relations between the Gendarmerie Organizations of the member states, four main activity fields have been identified and for each activity fields commissions have been established in FIEP. The main activities of these commissions are as follows;

  • Human Resources

  • Service Organization

  • New Technologies and Logistics

  • European Affairs

FIEP has no permanent secretariat and presidency system. These duties are carried out among the countries in rotation. Term presidency and secretariat posts start with Commanders/Directors Summit Meetings held in every October. The Organization, which perform these posts, hands over its presidency and secretariat posts to the subsequent organization in summit meeting of the Commanders/Directors which is organized in the homeland of the organization.

The Commission Meetings are held in rotation four times a year among the countries. Commanders/Directors Summit is organized once a year again among the countries in rotation. Before the summit, a preparatory meeting is held and the subjects to be discussed during at the summit are agreed on.

    Activities Performed

     FIEP (The Association of European Gendermaries with Military Status and Police Forces) Rotational Presidency, which was taken on by Turkish Gendarmarie General Command from the  Romanian Gendarmarie during the Senior Council meeting held in Romania on 22 October 2008, has been handed over to the Royal Dutch Marechoussee.

      Important achievements have been reached, a FIEP logo has been accepted and the FIEP Statues has been modified to meet the current needs during the period Turkish Gendarmarie acted as the presidency.

      During the Turkish term;

*      Turkish Gendarmerie General Command presided over,

     *      European Affairs Commission Meeting between 25-28 November 2008 in the Netherlands,

     *      The Service Organization Commission Meeting between 16-19 March 2009 in Portugal,

     *      The New Technologies and Logistics Commission Meeting between 21-24 April 2009 in Morroco, and

     *      The Human Resources Commission Meeting between 18-21 May in Spain.


     *      In addition the Seminar "Combating Cybercrimes" was organized between 22-25 June 2009 in Turkey.

The Membership Dates of FIEP Members

Counteries Name of the Organization Membership Date
France General Directorate of National Gendarmerie 1994
Italy Carabinieri General Command
Spain General Directorate of Guardia Civil
Portugal National Republican Guards Command 1995
Turkey Gendarmerie General Command 1998
Netherlands Royal Marechausse Command 2000
Morocco Royal National Gendarmerie Command
Romania General Inspectorate of Gendarmerie 2001
Chile General Directorate of Carabineros (*) 2005
Argentina Directorate of National Gendarmerie (*)


(*) Associate Member

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